Yoga Pose Of The Week: Half Spinal Twist

This week’s pose is the second in our series of post-holiday detox twists from Stacia Nero of Deliver Me Wellness. Half spinal twist is an amazing pose to help realign the entire body and to help loosen the spine. It’s an especially great pose for women to keep the reproductive and urinary organs healthy and in great working order. Twists in general are detoxifying and this one in particular increases the circulation to the pelvic region; providing fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen. It’s a bit tricky to try this in a meeting, though easy to do if you have a private office and need a short break to realign your body and mind. It works well at home before you go to bed to help the spine and hips relax and release before bed.

Benefits of Half Spinal Twist

•                Increases the elasticity of the spine

•                Stretches the muscles on the side of the body

•                Relieves back pain and stiffness from in between the vertebrae.

•                Useful for slipped discs

•                Massages the abdominal organs and increases the digestive juices making it useful for loss of appetite and constipation.

•                Useful for diabetics, with concentration on the pancreas.

•                Opens the chest and increases the oxygen supply to the lungs.

•                Loosens the hip joints, relieving stiffness.

•                Releases tension in the arms, shoulders, upper back and neck.

•                Increases purification of the blood as well as the internal organs.

•                Improves round shoulders.

Stacia is wearing the Chunky Fishnet Top. Stock up on yoga gear in FP Movement!

yoga seated twist pose

How To Do Half Spinal Twist

Start seated with a vertical spine and legs extended long in front of you.  Bend the left leg, bring the leg over the and place the left foot on the ground over the right knee.  Bend the right leg and fold it so that it is resting on the ground with the right heel near the left buttock. Bring the right hand over the left leg and let the back of arm rest against the leg, taking a deeper twist. The spine will continue to rotate as you inhale and exhale the trunk of the body through. The chest will remain open and the spine erect. One side of the abdomen is compressed and the other side is being stretched.

seated twist pose

To take the pose even deeper: Turn the head to gaze over the open left shoulder, choosing the arm variations that feel best for you. The aim over time is for compressed arm to grab the left big toe while keeping the heel of the foot on the ground and for the left hand to bind behind the right hip crease. Hold for 7 to 10 breaths and then unwind, extend the legs and repeat on the other side. With practice you will be able to hold this pose for more time.

Stacia teaches classes here at the Navy Yard Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:30 and Friday 12:15 – 1pm – check her out on Facebook here to find out where else you can find her!

Got any requests? Leave them in the comments and I will relay them to Stacia!

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Photos by Julia.

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9 years ago

I’m a beginner at yoga and just wanted to let you guys know how much I love these features! The only thing that could make it better would be an audio version of instructions, so I could be “read” instructions while doing the poses! Again, love and appreciate this yoga series so much; thank you!