The Inspiration Behind Our FP Movement Collection

This week we launched some new and exciting styles in our FP Movement collection that focuses on the yoga and workout lifestyle. From fashionable shapes, innovative details, and eye catching colors and prints, these new items are simply stunning. We believe workout wear should be functional yet fashionable. We caught up with the buyer behind the collection to find out what inspires FP Movement.


How did FP Movement come about?

We wanted to bring the Free People lifestyle to the customer, our FP girl is a traveler, eclectic, balanced, and concerned with her well-being. A lot of people at our home office practice yoga, so it made perfect sense for us to bring our vision and lifestyle to the customer.

The collection has special attention to detail and fashionable shapes making the collection a little different from what’s out there, what was the inspiration behind this?

We wanted to bring the Free People personality to yoga wear, it is important that our customer feels cute at yoga. We didn’t want the collection to be boring and bland, so special attention was given to strap details, hems, color and print was a big focus for us with the conscious thought of making it functional as well.

Do you practice yoga in order to experience what a yogi lifestyle is like?

Yes I practice vinyasa at a studio in Williamsburg called Kula Yoga. I love this studio, the yoga is vigorous and intelligent, the pace is perfect for a busy life yet spiritual enough to calm and clear the mind. The studio provides the perfect place for a yogi lifestyle, it’s in a loft space and has old reclaimed wood and painted glass from a barn upstate, a sauna, and a vegan kitchen called Shanti Shack. Going to a class makes me really happy and warm, and I especially look forward to a juice after class.


What would be your ideal yoga kit?

Something that allows me to move easily, but I also love cute details, it’s hard to find this in the market so this is why FP Movement is perfect. We paid a lot of attention to fashion details and making sure the Free People personality comes through. I love really eclectic mixing of colors and prints, creating “ cool” yoga looks.

Name a yoga retreat that you would love to go to for inspiration.

Banderas Bay Mexico and Osa Peninsula Costa Rica.

And lastly… what are two of your favorite pieces from the collection?

The floral shorts and the feather FP Movement Mat.

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11 years ago

I love the red and green floral. It looks very cute with the 501 :-)