Love Letters: Being A Grown Up

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My boyfriend randomly broke up with me two weeks ago, and although he is the one who initiated it, he continuously texts me as though everything’s “okay” and “normal”.  I’ve told him to stop talking to me twice, but he won’t listen. How am I supposed to move on, if he won’t let me?

A: A first of all, “he won’t let me” needs to be rethought. You are only one in control of your actions, and if you want to move on, move on. He sounds like he wants to be single, but still be in your life, which to me sounds weird and pretty selfish. The easiest thing to do? Ignore him. If he wants to be broken up, let him see what that really feels like. Take control over your actions, and worry less about his. It’s your life and you are free to live it as you see fit.


I recently moved to a new town (from a city to quite a small town), and I am having trouble finding my stride. Basically, I am having trouble meeting people to socialize with (or date). In school it was easy, if they had a rollerblade barbie and i had a rollerblade barbie we were besties. Basically, how does a grown up make friends?

A: This is SUCH a cool, common question. Making new friends can sometimes be as nerve wracking as dating. you are far from the only woman who is dealing with it. First, acknowlege that making friends can take time. In a perfect world, an awesome crew of best friends would magically appear. In the real world, these relationships develop over time. They key is to not stress or overthink it. Do you have a cool coworker? Ask her if she wants to get a drink or try a new restaurant after work. It’s not awkward, I promise. Think about how much you’d like it if someone new wanted to make plans with you! A little confidence and willingness to interact with people goes a long way.

Outside of the office, you’ve got options, too. Try reaching out to local bloggers to find out where they like to hang out, and see if they’d be up for grabbing coffee some time. Most people are excited to show someone new the best parts of their city. Also, there’s always the tried-and-true option of taking cool classes at the gym or volunteering. You’re guaranteed to meet new faces. Good luck!



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9 years ago

Volunteering is seriously the best way to meet friends or potential dates. And it can help with networking for jobs as well. Volunteering can really help you as much as it helps other people.

9 years ago

Hit up a local library. All sorts of people gather there, whether to grab books, use the internet, or participate in various programs and activities the library has to offer.

9 years ago

How do you find local bloggers? Like, how do you search for that? I’ve tried but couldn’t really figure it out! I too have recently moved to a rural area from a city & would like to find some good blogs/bloggers for my area too! thanks!
Also – I’ve heard of this site for getting into groups – haven’t tried it yet myself but have been meaning to! Good luck in your search for grown up friends! I’m sure you’ll find ’em!

9 years ago

Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s
new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking
and checking back often!