Quiz: How Optimistic Are You?

Spring is almost here! It’s a time for fresh starts, hopefulness, and positive energies, and it has us thinking about optimism. Being pessimistic is an easy trap to fall in to, and it’s also a negative spiral. How you view or react to certain situations can greatly affect your own mood and the energy you give off towards others. We always love to challenge ourselves and one thing I’m trying to challenge myself with this spring is being more optimistic. I don’t like to admit it, but there are definitely times when I can be more of a glass-half-empty person and I would love to change that. You might be pessimistic at times without even realizing it! Here’s a little quiz we put together to help you determine if you’re more of an optimist or pessimist.

purple daisies

1. You’re stuck in traffic on the way to work. You…

a. Turn up the music. You’ll get there are soon as you can.

b. Scold yourself for not getting up earlier in the morning.

2. Your manager invites you to an important meeting at the last minute. You think…

a. Wow, my hard work must really be paying off!

b. Uh oh…did I do something wrong?

3. You spill your coffee all over your new white shirt. Your first thought is…

a. Laughter. It’s just a shirt.

b. Despair. That stain will never come out.

4.  You walk by some coworkers who are talking about getting drinks that night, and as you walk by they ask you to join them. You think…

a. Sweet, something to do tonight!

b. They probably just invited me because they felt bad.

5. You got tickets to a show for you and a friend, but your friend doesn’t like the band and won’t go. Do you…

a. Go anyway…you can still have a great time alone.

b. Sell the tickets. You wouldn’t have fun by yourself.

6. You’re leaving for a vacation, and after a rushed morning you miss your flight. Your first thought is…

a. Well, it can only go uphill from here!

b. This trip is off to a terrible start.

7. You made plans to spend a day at the beach with friends but it might rain. You…

a. Bring along some board games and fun activities, just in case… but you’re going anyway!

b. Cancel the trip. It will definitely rain and ruin the whole day.

8. Your friend asks you to run a marathon with them, but you’ve never done one. You think…

a. Sounds like an awesome challenge!

b. Sounds cool but there’s no way I’d ever be able to do it.

9. You drop your very expensive camera. Your reaction is…

a. I just need to be more careful with my belongings.

b. jhd*$sed759gqp23~!&hts.

10. It’s Daylight Savings time! Your first thought is…

a. Awesome! It’s going to be light out when I leave work!

b. Noooo…I lose an hour of sleep in the morning.

purple daisy petals

If you selected mostly “a” responses, you are very optimistic! If you selected mostly “b” responses, your optimism could use a little work :). Try looking back at the “a” responses and next time you find yourself in similar situations to these, or in any situation that arises in which you find yourself experiencing a pessimistic reaction, try to see it from the other side.  There is always more than one way to look at a situation and something that may appear to be negative can always be viewed in a positive light.  I like to think about the Grateful Dead quote:

“Once in a while you get shown the light
In the strangest of places if you look at it right.”

purple daisy

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I am A. 90% of the time! – trying to work on the 10%…


80% A not bad!

80% not too shabby…I try and psyche myself up for things I just don’t want to do. I tell myself after it’s done I wont have to worry about it anymore….On blah days, I tell myself that I am going to have a great day no matter what…It helps..most of the time..lol

I got 50/50… exactly. What does that mean… realist?



I got half and half, exactly, too. Lol realists!


I am a 30% of the time :/
What’s funny is I never thought of those lyrics in this way and I sang Scarlet Begonias on stage once.
I clearly need to work on this.


Despite the fact that those questions are very subjective I am optimistic!

woot woot team realists!!

Oh nooooo, only 3 positive!!! but I LOVE the Grateful Dead quote.


I suck. Oh, wait….was that pessimistic? Okay, I’m doing very well….about 30% of the time. Yay me!

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