Monday Quote: Memories That Make Me Smile

“I love those memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now.”

Happy Monday everyone! The third and final Roshambo film dropped today, and we were feeling inspired to share this Monday’s quote in French since the film takes place in Paris. A beautiful quote feels right written in such a beautiful language. We all have memories like this. For me, I always smile whenever I think back to summer road trips through the mountains spent with my favorite people.

What memories make you smile?

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9 years ago

Beautiful quote as always! Love it!
Memories of my first year of college always make me smile, can’t wait for my second!

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

Wonderful quote! Singing and dancing onstage with everyone at the end of Hair when I went to see the Broadway production with one of my best friends. It was a moment of pure joy, and I always smile when I think of it.