Chopstick Hairstyles

Chopsticks have always been a good alternative to a hair tie when you want to quickly throw your hair up but need something to secure it with. With the recent October catalog being shot in Tokyo, we’ve really been inspired by Japanese culture and wanted to show some other ways to incorporate chopsticks into the hair. From hand painted sticks to the classic criss-cross method, here are some easy and creative ways we love using chopsticks in the hair!

reverse braided bun

Reverse Braid

This style may look complicated, but it’s actually quite easy. The trick to doing a reverse french braid is to flip your head over and start braiding from the base, where your hairline meets the neck. If you’re having difficulty doing it yourself, it never hurts to call over a friend to help! Once your braid hits the middle top of your head, gather the rest of your hair and twirl it into a bun. Finish off with two chopsticks, criss-crossing them to hold the bun in place!

painted sticks

Painted Chopsticks

A way to add a personal touch when using chopsticks in the hair is to paint them! I purchased a pair of plain colored chopsticks (I bought these at a beauty supply store) and then used some acrylic paint to add in some color and designs. This is an easy way to turn basic chopsticks into an accessory that can really complete an outfit!

ponytail wrap 2

Ponytail Wrap

If you want to get really crafty, you can try making a ponytail wrap. I used a small piece of suede fabric and pierced a hole at both ends using a sharp knife. If you have any beads or embroidery floss, you can add in some embellishments or embroidery to the fabric. I found a turquoise bead and secured it with a needle and thread.

Gather your hair into a low ponytail and place the fabric over the spot where you would normally secure it with a hair tie. Using a chopstick, slide the end through the holes you made in the fabric to hold the hair in place. This really works well for people who have thick hair!

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10 years ago

Digging that blue hair… I have totally been doing the chopsticks thing for years. Long, thick hair means I don’t always have time to do anything spectacular, and chopsticks can hold it well while adding a little extra interest.

10 years ago

To me, this looks just as ridiculous as a person wearing a fork and a spoon in their hair…. Chopsticks are for eating like forks are for strictly for eating. I like the blue hair though! (:

10 years ago

I have a few different chopstix that I use in my hair…it’s just an easy way to add interest to an everyday bun. They are so much fun!

9 years ago

The topknot and braids in the 2nd picture look just like those of the Chinese terra cotta warriors.

8 years ago

I recently bought a barrette from Free People. I was wondering if you know how to use it?