The Ultimate Holiday Party Playlist!

UPDATE: This post originally ran on November 4th 2013, but with holiday season at its peak we wanted to share it again!

You can’t have a holiday party without an amazing soundtrack.  During this time of year there’s an air of excitement that hangs over everything and everyone, a sense of magic and wonder… that anything can happen.  We dream of glittery evenings spent dancing, laughing, and enjoying the company of those we love most, and in the background of it all is the music that makes these moments last forever in our hearts.  Those songs that we hear that instantly take us back to nights full of magic and spirit, so that we can live them over and over again.  Here we’ve compiled some of our favorite songs that make us feel this way. Feel free to join in on the fun and add your favorite songs to the playlist as well!

shoes and glitter

More indie music from the BLDG 25 Blog.

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9 years ago

Where are those boots from????

9 years ago

love love loveeeeeeeeeeeee this playlist

9 years ago

Yes, those shoessss are incredible FP!! from?

9 years ago

those shoes OMG

Two things:
1. Those boots. Dang.
2. That playlist. Spot on!
You guys just always do it right :)

9 years ago

Super awesome list! <3

9 years ago

love this playlist! can’t wait to add some new tunes to my yoga playlist :) thanks for sharing!


9 years ago

I always love all of your playlists!! <3

9 years ago

Julia this playlist is atually incredible!! Oh my goodness!!!
Defintiely going to be on repeat over here!

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

Noga and Katie, those boots are by Jeffrey Campbell and are sold through Free People on their website.

9 years ago

I was wondering if you can include the names and artists of the songs in the playlist, and that way the ones which don’t have the rdio app still can know what you guys are promoting?

Thank you!!!