Hydrating Festival Drinks

Festivals are fun. Always. But…they do have the ability to wear on us a bit. From camping outside of the fest grounds to running between stages in the hot sun, staying hydrated is key. I always have water by my side at all times whenever I go to festivals. Even if you are choosing to indulge in adult beverages, drinking water in between will help to keep your festival stamina alive. This season, I wanted to try a few refreshing recipes that are sure to kick up your regular water a notch, and will help to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

(Some festivals may not let you bring in drinks, so keep these recipes in mind if you are camping outside of the fest overnight, or if people happen to be selling some of the below ingredients inside the festival grounds!)

Cucumber + Lemon+ Vitamin C Powder

sliced cucumber and lemon

Water infused with lemon and cucumber is one of my absolute favorite things to drink when it’s hot. I make sure that my lemon and cucumber are chilled before adding a few slices to my water to make it extra refreshing. I recently started stirring in a little pinch of vitamin C powder to boost my immune system. If you start to feel a cold coming on while you’re camping at a fest, make sure to drink this water mixture two times a day to help fight it off!

Coconut Water+ Aloe Water + Frozen Berries

aloe, coconut water, berries

Drinking coconut water will instantly hydrate you. The smooth consistency combined with the sweet taste is one you can’t beat, but adding in a few other beneficial and tasty ingredients will make it that much better. I keep seeing juice recipes that use aloe as a main ingredient, so I was curious as to what else this plant can help with besides cooling down a sunburn. Aloe contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, and helps the body in digestion and detoxification. Since aloe is gelatinous in form, it glides along your intestinal tract, absorbing bad toxins and unwanted bacteria to help keep our digestion in balance.

All you need to make this hydrating drink is coconut water, aloe water (find out how to make it here), and some frozen berries. Pour equal parts coconut water and aloe water over ice, then top off with a few frozen mixed berries. As the berries melt, it will add in some extra sweetness to your drink.

Orange + Mint

orange and mint

This one may be simple, but the flavor combination of orange and mint is so good and highly refreshing. I like to take a few slices of orange and squeeze a little of the fresh juice into my water before adding in whole slices. I really like this recipe as a morning pick-me-up. The citrus in the orange will help to rev up your immune system and kick start your metabolism. The cool mint is also like a mini alarm clock…refreshing and rejuvenating!

festival canteen

We are selling these awesome little water totes on the site right now that are great for carrying around festivals. I’m definitely packing one of these guys along to the next one I attend, filled up with one of the above recipes!

refreshing drinks

All of these recipes are a sure shot way to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. One of my biggest issues when hydrating is not drinking enough, but these mixtures leave your water tasting so good that you won’t have to worry about that.


More healthy recipes from the BLDG 25 Blog.

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8 years ago

they all sound great but i really love coconut

Ella Wild xoxox
Visit me at : http://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartJewelryAlways
or : http://www.pinterest.com/HJAellawild/

8 years ago

Cucumber & Lemon water is my go-to favorite warm weather beverage. Even when it can’t be kept cold, the cucumber keeps it tasting refreshing! Sometimes I add mint or ginger as well :)

<3 dani


8 years ago

All great ideas! I love that water tote … might have to get that. hehehe.


8 years ago

That water tote is so beautiful!! And great recipes too :)
Xx, Tiffany { http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com }

8 years ago

I thought you can’t bring your own drinks into the venue….

8 years ago

More water tote designs please!!!! They are the perfect festival accessory!

8 years ago

Do the water totes have straps, Like a cross body strap?

8 years ago

I love to take coconut and lemon water a lot to take care of my health…..Lemon is a great natural gift for us that cures lot of illness and gives instant strength…….

8 years ago

I tried the lemon and cucumber it works great! Very naturally refreshing

7 years ago

Lovely! I’ll try some of those recepies :)