5 Reasons To Eat A Dandelion This Spring

Dandelions are incredible.

Not only are they bright and beautiful… not only do they have the ability to grow like crazy (I’d rather not call them weeds!)… not only do they produce tiny seeds that are so fun to blow and watch the wind carry away… they’re also one of the healthiest things you can consume. Today I’m talking about their lion-tooth-shaped leaves – as opposed to their more recognizable yellow flower heads – but dandelion roots and flowers are edible as well, as long as they’ve been grown in a natural, chemical-free environment!

Dandelion greens have a bitter taste, which – according to the ancient practice of Ayurveda – makes them the perfect vegetable to incorporate into your spring diet. Make a salad with them, sauté them in olive oil, juice them up, or throw them into your smoothie. Here are 5 reasons to bring dandelion greens into your diet!

dandelion greens

1. They’ll detox your body like crazy. Dandelion greens are excellent at cleansing the liver and kidneys. They’re actually a diuretic, which means they help expel excess water from your body – just make sure not to indulge when you’re dehydrated.

2. They’re filled with antioxidants. Both the vitamin A and the vitamin C in dandelion greens will help protect your body from free radicals, helping to reduce your risk of certain diseases and shield you from premature aging. Vitamin A also helps fight certain cancers, and vitamin C is one of the best treats you could ever give to your immune system.

dandelion greens

3. They’re high in calcium. In today’s world, it seems that dairy – the once go-to source for calcium – is being consumed less and less. It’s important to know that there are tons of fruits, vegetables, and nuts – like dandelion greens – that are very high in calcium, too! This means dandelion greens work to strengthen your bones and teeth, and help optimize the function of your heart, nerves, and muscles. Just make sure you’re also getting an adequate supply of vitamin D in your diet – this is necessary to absorb the calcium.

dandelion greens

4. They reduce swelling and inflammation. These days, there are way too many foods out there that cause inflammation within our bodies. That’s why when we discover one that does the opposite, it’s so important to take note. Friends, add dandelion greens to that ever-growing list of anti-inflammatory foods I know you carry around with you. Right now.

dandelion greens

5. They help banish acne. All of the properties of dandelion greens seem to come together in harmony as one incredible acne fighter. I’ve actually been eating dandelion greens twice a day for the past few days, and – I kid you not – my skin seriously seems to be clearing up. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’ve had bad skin for over a decade, you guys. So this is huge.

Here’s an idea for what to include when turning these lovely greens into a smoothie! The key: Offset the bitterness with a little natural sweetness. :)

dandelion greens

*BONUS REASON TO EAT DANDELION GREENS* Well, the fact that what you’re eating is actually part of a dandelion is pretty awesome in itself.

What’s your favorite way to eat dandelion greens? Try this spring liver cleanse tonic made with dandelion root tea!

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Jessica Farmer
9 years ago

Please please please also make sure to plant dandelions if you can. They are a major pollen source for honey bees which are disapearing like crazy and who we rely on for so many foods!

9 years ago

This is great! My lawn gets totally covered in dandelions in the summer!

9 years ago

I never knew you could eat Dandelions! When i was a child we’d stay well clear of them as the myth was that you’d surely ‘wee the bed’ if you touched them, haha! Definitely gonna try them out, thanks.

9 years ago

Love adding some dandelion greens to my fresh juice mix… local and healthy! I’ve added them to homemade pesto as well.
For people interested in Ayurveda, I believe that too much bitter is aggravating to Vata, so the idea of making a fruit smoothie with them is ideal- balance out the tastes. Might go do this right now, actually!


9 years ago

Great post. I remember I was visiting family one summer in Europe and my aunt made a dandelion drink, it was the first time I ever heard of dandelions’ being eaten! That was my first time, I think I should try it myself at home!

9 years ago

Read about this in a foraging book and picked some last week and sauted the leaves and madr dandelion syrup with the flowers, has a zingy taste. Definitely have to try the leaves in a smoothie

9 years ago

My father grew up in the 50’s, and when he was a kid, he would go door to door selling dandelions. He used the money to buy bubblegum and baseball cards. My grandmother use to make amazing salads with them.


9 years ago

I love making dandelion tea, great for the kidneys and liver!


9 years ago

The title of this post is too intriguing! Very interesting…guess I’ll have to try!


9 years ago

Oh this is a wonderful new health tip for me! I will definitely be putting this in my diet over the summer! As a battler of acne, I am extatic that these flowers may help!
(ps: see my acne transformation on my blog! I discovered a skin miracle through the power of healthy foods and cured my severe cystic acne with my diet.)

9 years ago

I’ve never thought about eating dandelions but the health-benefits are amazing.
Oh, how I wish I had a yard so I could plant my own…#bigcityproblems


9 years ago

Growing up, my great grandmother – and eventually my grandfather, mother and her cousins – would all go dandelion ‘hunting’ in open, empty fields, Dandelion salads were a staple for our summer diet with a little oil, vinegar and salt to taste. Now, most fields are plowed over and its harder to find them as most lawn dandelions are usually treated with weed killing chemicals, or otherwise very small. After reading this post, I’m determined to plant my own dandelion garden!