Happy Summer Solstice!

It is officially summer! My favorite time of year is upon us, and today marks the longest day of the year – so get out an enjoy all the glorious sunshine (as long as the sun is out where you are!). Read on for some great ways to celebrate the first day of this beautiful season! summer solstice Take a personal spa day at the beach :). summer solstice Make a summer bucket list! summer solstice Gather some flowers and make a fresh flower wreath for your home. summer solstice Try out a fun project like growing food from scraps! summer solstice Enjoy a refreshing summer cocktail. summer solstice Do some yoga. summer solstice Hit the road, polaroid camera in hand! How are you celebrating the first day of summer?  


  1. Sadly, I have to work today. But last summer I was in Florida at this exact time, so I’m gonna try to daydream beach vibes all day.

  2. At sunset, I plan on going to the beach and letting all good vibes radiate while sipping lemonade out of a mason jar. Everything tastes better when from a mason jar.

  3. For that 1st photo what app/effect did you use!? I love that little circles!

    Loving your posts as alwaYS!

  4. Yes summer !!! My favorite season !
    In France, we have a tradition. The first day of summer is always the music festival. Everywhere in the french streets, bands play music and all the cities danse all night long.
    That’s why it’s my favorite day of the year (after my birthday of course !! haha!)


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