Homemade All-Natural Deodorant

UPDATE: This post originally ran on May 7th, but this all natural beauty DIY is too good not to share again!

My mind is blown. If you’ve been on the hunt for a natural deodorant and have had little success thus far, this recipe may just change your life. It’s totally natural, and it’s made with just 4 ingredients. And it works.

Last week, I did a post about the seemingly never-ending search for a natural deodorant that actually works (read it here). I was incredibly happy to see so many of you share your thoughts – it seems as though lots of us are in the same boat with this issue – and I was really excited to test out the recipes you guys suggested. I read through every single comment, and wrote down every recipe that was shared. In the end, I was left with 4 common ingredients: coconut oil, arrowroot flour, baking soda, and essential oil.

The first day I made this deodorant, I applied it before enduring a zumba class (read: high-energy dancing with lots of sweat). At the end of the hour-long session came the moment of truth. You guys. My underarms smelled good. There was not even a trace of odor – I actually found myself wanting to take more whiffs to smell the delicious essential oil mixture.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, each body is totally different – what works for me may unfortunately do nothing for you – but I highly recommend trying this recipe. It certainly works for me, and knowing how many of you have had success with similar mixtures, it at least seems like a great starting point!

diy natural deodorant


½ cup organic coconut oil
¼ cup baking soda
¼ cup arrowroot flour
5-10 drops essential oil mixture (I used jasmine and bergamot)

diy natural deodorant


1. In a medium bowl, mix the baking soda and arrowroot flour until well combined. Baking soda can be quite irritating on some skin, so if you think you may be sensitive to it, use less baking soda and more arrowroot flour – or you can substitute arrowroot flour for baking soda completely.

2. Add the coconut oil (room temperature works best) and mix until you reach a smooth consistency – there shouldn’t be any leftover powder. If you feel that your mixture is too dry, add a bit more coconut oil and mix some more.

3. Almost done! Add your essential oil mixture – this is totally optional, but I’m always down for an opportunity to smell great. My newest obsession is bergamot oil, which, when paired with jasmine – in my opinion – creates the most intoxicating scent. I love it!

diy natural deodorant

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  1. Hello, ive been reading the freepeople blog for almost a year now and ive just found a store that sells essential oils where i live! so i was just wondering, do i need to dilute the oils before adding them or do i just put a drop or two in?

  2. Hey Mirna! You don’t need to dilute them. You’ll be mixing them in with all the other ingredients, so they shouldn’t be too strong!

  3. I’ve only made mine with bergamot and I LOVE it but I’ll have to try adding jasmine next time I whip up another batch! Sounds like a wonderful combination!!

  4. Ohhh girl. My underarms have been have been very unhappy..This might just change my life. Can’t wait to try!!

  5. Oh yeah! I’ve made this before. I also love using tea tree oil. The smell isn’t for everyone, but I like it and it’s anti-bacterial properties keeps you fresh as well!

  6. Hey Brigette & other FP ladies –

    Have you noticed the coconut oil affecting your clothing? I’m worried to put oil on my skin and stain the underarms of my shirts.

  7. @Kathy – Arrowroot flour is most affordable online. Bob’s Red Mill also carries it so you may be able to find it in your grocery store. Package is recognizable

    (looks like this: http://www.amazon.com/Bobs-Red-Mill-Arrowroot-Starch/dp/B003K8Q04O/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1399473735&sr=8-6&keywords=arrowroot+flour)

    Arrowroot powder would also work (not sure how else it’s different) and it’s sold in almost all grocery stores in the spice section. It’s white.

  8. I’ve been using my natural deodorant that basically follows this recipe for over a year now and I love it.
    I haven’t noticed any stains from it once the clothes are washed. I do have to wash my shirts after each wear now though, because this deodorant is not an antiperspirant and so I still sweat (not terribly) and that will cause the shirt to eventually smell after that one day of wear.
    Also, I use much less baking soda than I do arrowroot, because baking soda can be irritating. However, I once tried substituting arrowroot for baking soda completely, and that DID NOT work. It seems some amount of baking soda is needed to prevent odor, in my experience.

  9. Fantastic photos! I’ve been using this recipe (sometimes arrowroot, sometimes cornstarch) for about six months now and have never been happier with any deoderant at any price point EVER! No staining, no smell, no problems! My favorite essential oil blend so far is geranium and frankincense, but lately I’ve been loving lemongrass and grapefruit too. The possibilities are endless and my underarms are healthy and happy!

  10. Coconut oil is SO good for so many things (I love it for hair), had no idea it could be used as a natural deodorant, thanks for the tip!

  11. I recently started my journey to finding the perfect all natural deodorant myself, as I don’t think it’s healthy to prevent your body from sweating. I’ve been using Green Beaver’s Citrus all natural deodorant and it is working okay for me. Although, I do still find that I smell at the end of the day.
    It seems that every time I decide to make the switch to something all natural, the FP blog girls are doing the same! Thank you for this recipe, you are the best and I can’t wait to try it!

  12. I haven’t noticed any stains on my clothes. And yes, baking soda may irritate very sensitive skin, but this recipe contains coconut oil so it’s build kind of protective film on the skin. Soda is antibacterial substance to absorbe an odour. It’s infallibly work for most people (i think, except pathological sweating)

    “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”

  13. Girls, be really careful with baking soda! It’s better to not use it right after depilation, you need to treat and protect your skin first. Couple years ago, when I was using this deodorant, I wasn’t careful and got huge irritation, it taked a week to heal.
    Briggete, can you add a warning in your post, it would be helpful.

  14. I switched to natural deodorant in October of last year. I prefer natural products over standard commercial ones, but I’ll only make the switch if the alternative is effective. So yeah, there’s been lots of trial and error in this department. Haha. I started with a recipe like this one (with extra baking soda instead of arrowroot), which smelled amazing and I loved it… for about two days. What can I say, everyone’s body responds differently. I get pretty smelly, so had to reapply several times a day and it did end up staining my clothes (possibly because I didn’t use arrowroot? That would probably absorb some of the extra oil…). Also I have very sensitive skin, and large amounts of baking soda and freshly shaved skin were not a good mix for me. Similar issues with the shea butter/ beeswax stick version I made later… permanently stained the armpits of my t-shirts yellow. :(

    Had much better luck with a powder version made with arrowroot powder, small amount of baking soda, and a few drops of essential oils (Lavender and Tea Tree was the winning combo for me). I store it in a shallow jar and apply with a cosmetic powder puff. Still sometimes use that one (not the best with black clothing though… haha), I get compliments on how good I smell almost daily. :P

    Best recipe I’ve found HANDS DOWN, is two parts witch hazel and one part aloe vera liquid in a spray bottle. You can add other stuff if you want (I add tea tree oil and a little bit of arrowroot and baking soda to give it a bit more odor fighting power). That’s it though. No odor, no white marks, no stains so far (haven’t tested it with white shirts yet). I do have to reapply it, but no where near as often as the other recipes. I also don’t seem to sweat quite as much with this one, which is a bonus. Been using it about a month, and so far so good. Don’t think I’ll be going back to antiperspirants anytime soon. :)

  15. Just looked in your shop and at your video that was trying so hard to be fresh. I am not EVER a negative commenter on blogs (as I have my own blog) but I feel that I must say that your models are too thin and you should try harder to not perpetuate an unhealthy standard of female beauty. If the world is looking to you because of the stature of your wonderful brand (which I do love) don’t you feel responsible for shaping body image? I get that thinnish women look better in clothes. But your recent models look anorexic and they actually make the clothes and your brand look bad. Try harder. Do better.

  16. Hello,
    I have been my own natural beauty products for a while and deodorant has always been the toughest to get a handle on.
    I found that instead of baking soda, which causes many girls irritation, that Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is an alternative. It is antibacterial as well and great at absorbing odors. It comes from fossilized diatoms (kind of like algae) that are just crumbled up into an off-white powder.
    Bought mine on Amazon for $10
    I also add a little shea butter, it helps with razor or waxing burns!
    Love your bodies girls!

  17. I love this deodorant, i’ve been using a recipe similiar to this for about a year now!

    Any suggestions on scents for men?

  18. Palma – You can just scoop a small amount with your hands, rub between your fingers so the oil melts a bit, and then rub under your arms. Easy peasy!

  19. Nicole – I’m thinking something like sage, sandalwood, or basil would be cool for men!

  20. If you can’t find arrowroot powder, you can use cornstarch. That’s what I used in mine and it works really well.

  21. I make my own deodorant with coconut oil, cornstarch/arrowroot powder, baking soda, and lavender or peppermint essential oils. I keep mine in a glass mason jar. If you store it in plastic, the essential oils could leech chemicals out of the plastic and into your deodorant! Use glass! :)

  22. I made it this morning and have been wearing it all day – it works like a treat! Finally i have found a natural alternative to deodorant that actually works. Thank you!

  23. I made this about a week ago, and have been using it ever since…I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works! And I love the combination of jasmine and bergamot. Sweetly feminine, but not too strong. Thank you!

  24. I am a Lavilin customer and I love it. Always been meaning to try a DIY, but keep putting it off. I was gonna try a few months ago, but my boyfriend bought me a year’s supply of Lavilin, lol! Will give this recipe a shot next year for sure :)

  25. Adding a bit of lime or lemon oil to this recipe may help those who have more issues with odor. Lemon is a natural antibacterial that works very well, like baking soda, to prevent odors. Also, it has a very fresh scent!

  26. I’m so sad; I had been really pleased with this gorgeous smelling deodorant spray I made, and then after about two weeks I started getting really bad breakouts and sensitivity under my arms. :c I’m very sure it’s the baking soda involved, but that’s what makes it work so well… Ah, well. I’m chagrin to go back to store-bought deodorant, but I may have to until I can come up with a suitable alternative. Perhaps I’ll try a variation on your recipe, but add some sea buckthorn to help with the acne+eczema? hmm

  27. Just made this! I had to use cornstarch, though, because I couldn’t find any arrowroot flour… Oh, and I used grapefruit essential oil :) I have yet to try it but hopefully it works and doesn’t cause irritation

  28. I used lavender and sweet orange oil in mine and I love it so far!

    I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a DIY post on a natural home remedy for razor/wax bumps and ingrowns since bikini season is upon us! There is so much information out there about different natural remedies, but I’d love to read a FP bloggers take on it. I’ve tried a million different things and still struggle during the summer to wear a bikini due to embarrassing irritation.

  29. I went ahead and made a small batch of this, so far so good. I have a spray recipe that works ok, not perfect. I’ll know in a few days which one works best. Thanks for the recipe!

  30. Brigette, how about magnesium oil like a natural deodorant? :) I’m really obsessed to make it and try. INCI: magnesium chloride, destiled water. Just two ingredients. I heard it’s equally effective like oil and soda deodorant. Anyone tried?

  31. I am not about to make deodorant as I am so busy I apply makeup in the car. This past February, I did however meet someone in who makes all natural deodorant using powdered sugar. Here is the link http://www.trulysnaturaldeodorant.com. I was so totally sold that I now help her with marketing and accounting. Currently she is shipping just under 50 orders a day, not jars, orders. Many people are really loyal and purchase jars to give friends and family. It also has four ingredients:
    COCONUT OIL (the vehicle)
    POWDERED SUGAR (too concentrated for the odor causing bacteria to live in)
    BAKING SODA (the drying and odor controlling agent)
    BEESWAX (just a little to keep it emulsified)

  32. Made it two days ago and it’s super effective!!! Although, even tho I followed the recipe, it came out too liquidy, so I added a ton more baking soda and arrowroot flour. No natural deodorant was strong enough for me, but this did the trick. I used lavender essential oil. Happy. Thanks so much!

  33. This deodorant is awesome and smells great! Quick question: is it supposed to be more liquidy or creamy? My mixture was at a smooth consistency but then melted in the jar later on.

  34. Is there anything you can add for sensitive skin? i love this recipe but at first it made my skin really red and irritated, then my skin started to peel like it actually got burned…. any suggestions? also i keep this mixture in a bowl but i notice it melts sometimes… has anyone tried actually keeping it in a roll up deodorant stick? I don’t mind the application without it but i want to make some for friends..

  35. I love to make my own Deo, it´s effektive and a whole lot better for your skin. Thank´s for this tutorial ,I always like to try new variations! I have a german tutorial on my blog for a spray and solid deo. I wish that more people would try to make their own …

  36. Ingredients in the recipe make me surprise, like Coconut oil, arrowroot flour, baking soda, and essential oil.
    Coconut oil is good but can we use any other oil instead of this? Secondly baking soda , I have heard that it can create etching. So What would you suggest instead of these 2 ingredients?

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