Weekend Snapshot: Day In The Park

There are few things I love more than spring and summer weekends.  Every one is like a mini summer vacation, packed with activity and sunshine (if weather cooperates ;)).  I’ve been traveling a lot lately, so this weekend I’m excited to stay in the city.  I’ll find a quiet partially shaded spot in a park and read, relax, paint, and just enjoy the freedom that these longer days bring. What is everyone doing this weekend?

1. Dreamy Daze Print Dress

2. Naja Necklace

3. Jupiters Darling Ankle Boot

4. Rochelle Backpack

5. Goodnight Moon Sunglasses

paint and flowers

compass watch

Compass Sundial Cuff

boots and flowers

spring outfit inspiration

Dolphin Hem Cutoff, Jupiters Darling Ankle Boot

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8 years ago

I’m working for the weekend…but I do have plans to sit on my front porch and read a book when I get home. Happy weekend all!

8 years ago

love the watch (and everything else really)

8 years ago

Lovely photos. I’m working all weekend, although definitely trying to make it to a farmers market!


8 years ago

Love the styling of these.

8 years ago

wow, love this simple style.

8 years ago

these photos show one has a lot of fun at the park..love the fashion style

8 years ago

I love this look so much! Fun and bright and so pretty!