Giveaway: Win A Hula Hoop!

With the summer approaching fast and the peak of festival season upon us, we are excited to give away 2 hula hoops to use in the months ahead! These large hoops are great for beginners, and the soft printed fabric makes for a comfortable grip. They’re just begging to be taken to a festival or park this summer!

To enter: Tweet this blog post @freepeople with the hashtag #fpfestival, and leave your twitter handle in the comment section below! We’ll select two winners at random on Monday. Good luck!

hula hoops

holding out hoop


hoop detail


  1. I haven’t touched a hula hoop in years! i’ll be going to a few movies at the park this summer and this hula hoop would be PERFECT! @stardustsoulart

  2. Hula hoops have been my #1 summertime outdoor activity since I first learned to hoop! Love it! @JenPrince2

  3. @orphan_of_youth love love love these and been wanting another hoop for awhile! Need this for the beach!

  4. Wow- I’ve been eying these fabric hoops at festis-a beautiful accessory- #FP duds in the fields filled w/ live #music! #HoopAllSummer at #ElectricForest #Wanderlust #HudsonProject #Campfire #TomorrowWorld @vanessa8

  5. Hulaaa Hoop hoopyyy. Would L O V E to W A N D E R around with this #hulahoop around my H I P S to let this S U M M E R flow feel n share everywere! @kersjesbloesem Let the sunrays shine on my winning change <3
    #contest #festival #festivalseason #freepeople #giveaway #hulahoop

  6. @peonyandmoss OMG I love hoola hoops- I’ve been thinking about buying one #ilovehoolahoops

  7. @samanthaejames I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED A HULA HOOP! It is what I asked for Christmas and people thought that was a ridiculous gift but little do they know that it is awesome. :)

  8. Looooove them so much. Would be the perfect activity with the added eccentric vibe, heart it. ^-^ @lauren_lael

  9. @lightwoodlovely IM IN LOVE. I was the hula hoop queen in elementary- i havent hula hooped in soooo long. This is very exciting!

  10. Crazy it may sound, I don’t have a twitter account but it’s always worth a shot to try over here! With no social media account, I soar my hands on the grass and let sun spice up my days away reflecting how life can be a bliss with a passion. Help me to bring back my childhood days with hula hooping~

  11. My twitter handle is @ohsnapitz_val
    this is really cool and I hope to win so that I can get fit with new hula hoop exercises.

  12. I really need a new hula hoop for the summer and these two are really lovely! Good luck everyone! Twitter: @Kirajinx

  13. So cool! I really don’t use Twitter much, but I love Instagram. Both are under the name: @saraheatspizza

  14. Saw similar ones in Thailand and fell in love ,but knew my suitcase was already overweight! Just stunning @Cass_gig

  15. I loved hula hooping as a kid, and I still do! Also those hula hoops are adorable! I love little giveaways like this!

  16. aaaaaaah i’ve been wanting to get started with hula hooping ever since fp’s last article on it !!!!

  17. Whaaaat! I’ve been wanting a hula hoop for awhile now and these ones are absolutely gorgeous! How many hours can one hula hoop before collapsing? @ThomaCasey

  18. I haven’t played with a hula hoop since I was 10! That one looks especially gorgeous. @SpaceHipster9

  19. I finally joined Twitter in order to enter this contest. That’s a pretty good reason to win this hoop, right?! @KamieRichard

  20. I would love to have this beautiful hula hoop! it would so much fun on a sunny day outside. @_serenaweiss

  21. @sophiadenn43 I got in to hooping lately and absolutely fell in love! I even wrote my English essay on hula hooping because I was so fascinated! I hope I can win this gorgeous hoop just in time these mini music festivals we have in my hometown!

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