Spirited Catering: Quick Bliss Avocado Pudding

A week of wellness during our stay in Costa Rica meant a week of eating healthy and wholesome. Our menu was raw, vegan, and gluten free, and we were lucky to have 2 amazing chefs prepare some delicious meals for us over the course of our stay. From curried vegan rice bowls, to raw beet and hummus wraps, we all indulged in the best way possible.

When I heard that one of the chefs, Lauren, lived in a monkey sanctuary that was only 20 minutes from Villa Cortes, I had to go take a visit. I wanted to get a peek into her world, and find out how she came to be living such a cool life in Costa Rica.

The cab dropped me off at the bottom of a hill inside the Sibu Monkey Sanctuary. Lauren was waiting just inside the gate on a quad and waved for me to hop on. We carved up a tree lined path until we came to a dead end at the top and her house stood directly in front of us. Lucky for Lauren, her and her partner Keith have been house sitting this amazing property for a friend. The place has somewhat of an open design, and a spiral staircase leads you up to a perch that overlooks the entire monkey sanctuary. Mountains are off in the distance, and you can hear the monkeys playing in the tree tops. It’s a view that one might never get tired of.

Keith and Lauren moved to down to Costa Rica from Canada about a year and a half ago. Ever since, Lauren has been catering retreats and weddings throughout Nosara. Specializing in raw and vegan, this girl can whip up some amazing meals. Keith also shares her passion for cooking, and they each take turns in the kitchen, cooking meals for one another. I wanted to capture Lauren in her element, so I was excited when she started pulling things out of the fridge to cook something up. Most of the time, she will look through her inventory and grab ingredients that she thinks will work well together. She likes to create on the spot, and it was fun watching her do just that.

Take a peek into her world below, and learn how to make one of her yummy deserts: Avocado Pudding!

on quad

lauren on stairs



looking over

inside house




her on bed

her and keith



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good food

Quick Bliss Avocado Pudding 

2 Avocados

4-6 Tbsp Cacao

1-2 Bananas (depending how sweet you would like it)

½ Cup Coconut Milk, Almond, Oat, or Soy

¼ Cup Almonds

Juice of 2 Limes

Cayenne to Taste

Pinch of Salt

Dollop or two of Honey if you would like it sweeter (You can always throw in a handful of Raisins!)

Grated Zest of a Lime on top (Use a medium sized grate for a good Lime Zest Bite!)

Use a food processor or wide jar blender. Blend almonds first before adding other ingredients. Leave the Almonds in a crumble state if you would like a chunky pudding, otherwise blend into a powder!

Top with whatever you have in your fridge. Ex. Bee Pollen, Shredded Coconut, Chopped Apples, Berries or more Cacao! Can add Grated Ginger/Ginger Powder for a good zing!


lauren cooking



lauren getting glasses

lauren and keith

Thank you, Lauren!

Be sure to contact Lauren at lsmatheson@gmail.com for more information on catering services and nutritional consultations. 

Visit her website here!

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9 years ago

I’m definitely going to make this pudding for lunch – I work at an indie bookstore so I need foods that won’t get crumbs all over me and this looks perfect. Furthermore, I am now convinced I need to visit Costa Rica!

9 years ago

This photographs are wonderful way to be transported to another land :) so lovely…and thank you for this post…Avocado season sure does make me smile :)


9 years ago

Wow this is just an amaizing life Lauren & Keith have !
Can’t wait to go to Costa Rica this summer to discover Pura Vida !!!!
Sure I wanna try this delicious pudding !