Weekend Snapshot: To The Beach

After a few weekends traveling and in the city, this weekend I am excited to head back to the beach.  During the summer months, Ocean City NJ is my happy place. Nothing fills me with content like spending the day relaxing in the sun with a good book, and I always come back feeling so refreshed.  My uniform for weekends like this consistently includes a bathing suit, denim cutoffs, and sandals, and I’ll always have a journal on hand.  Relaxing gives way to reflection, and I always tend to do a lot of writing when I’m at the beach.

What’s everyone else up to this weekend?

1. Kahala Top & Monique Bottoms

2. Drea Footbed

3. Lovers High Rise

4. Lennon Sunglasses

5. Coconut Oil


bathing suit


girl skateboarding

beach sunset

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Wow I love that bathing suit top and these photos are just absolutely inspiring.

xoxo Sara

I just loved this post . It was the right amount of pics and words. Just perfect


Seriously, which app/program do you ude to edit?:))

That’s such a unique looking bikini! x

Love those birkenstocks!