Interview & Guest Playlist: Alex Richards

“John Holt, Daft Punk, Blood Orange, Johnny Osbourne – I have too many songs in my head,” says DJ Alexandra Richards, as she lists off names of musicians she’s digging these days. She hesitates for a moment, and then adds, “This one is kind of funny, but I have also been listening to a lot of Kelis and that song she did with Andre 3000.” She pauses to laugh for a moment. That song happens to be called ‘Millionaire.’

Though she might be part of a millionaire family (her dad is Keith Richards), she doesn’t act like it. She is polite, refreshingly laid back, and about as normal as one can be if they grew up on tour with The Rolling Stones. Here, we chat with her about her Moroccan-inspired FP shoot, teaching Dad about the music business today, and more.

Read on for a Q&A with Alex and listen to the guest playlist she made for us, “Summer into Fall”!

free people alex richards

Interviewed by Kristin Tice Studeman; Photos by Thomas Northcut.

What Free People piece from the shoot did you love most?

This super soft, long, leather, purple jacket. It’s perfect to throw over jeans and a T-shirt. It seems like it would be great for those chilly nights in the summer or fall.

Your shoot was Moroccan-inspired. Have you been there a lot?

I actually haven’t been to Morocco. That is one place I have been dying to go to. One of my best friends just moved to Marrakesh, so when I have some down time, I am going.

You need to go! I imagine your dad has some pretty great stories from Morocco. Any good ones that you can recall?

There are all these beautiful pictures of my father there in his 20s. He used to go there a lot when he was younger and he would stay for weeks at a time to rehearse and soak up the sun and the sea. My family’s home in Connecticut is very Moroccan-inspired and over the years, I have picked that up, too. My apartment is very new Moroccan.

It must have been pretty cool to tour with all the rest of the Stones kids. What are your favorite memories from traveling the world together?

It was definitely not your typical way to be raised, living on tour and studying with six of your best friends and a tutor. We grew up a lot faster than most kids and caused a lot of trouble, but we all turned out OK. I remember going to Argentina and being like 9 years old and the crowd knew every lyric to every song (even though it was a different language for them). It was such an impressive thing.

What instruments do you play?

I played the violin growing up, but not anymore. I gravitate towards string instruments. I picked up ukulele when I was 20, then graduated to guitar because I thought that would be helpful, but I was totally wrong. My dad teaches me a lot of the blues chords.

Your dad has been a big help with your musical education, but I bet you have also taught him a few things about the music business and DJing these days.

Yes. He is so shocked by the whole business. I don’t want to say he doesn’t like what I do, but it’s taken the house band out of the picture. I just tell him that as a DJ, it’s a great way to promote music. I’ve just been giving him a taste of my own view of the music world.

What’s next for you?

I’ve been DJing here in NYC for eight years, plus I still always have modeling and I’m a contributing editor for Town & Country. I studied jewelry in college and have been designing things here and there, so once I get the ball rolling, I might start something with that.

Ananda Shankar – Mamata (affection)
HAIM – Honey & I
Etta James – Trust In Me
T Rex – Lifes A Gas
Lou Reed _ Take A Walk On The Wild Side
Eric Carmen – Hungry Eyes
Eddie Cochran – Summer Time Blues
Lilly Wood And The Prick – Prayer In C
Faul, Wad Ad & Pnau – Changes
Parra For Cuva – Wicked Games
Jubel – Klingande
Jamie xx – Far Nearer
Johnny Cash – When The Man Comes Around
Sly and The Family Stone – Hot Fun In the Summer Time
Donovan – Colours
Donovan – Season Of The Witch
The Cars – Magic
Peter Green – Black Magic Woman
Bob Dylan – Frankie Lee And Judist Preist
Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind
Mr. Probz – Waves
Ninetoes – Finder
Tove Lo – Habits ( stay high)
The Beastie Boyz – Lighten up

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