NYC Photo Diary: Same Friends, Different City

My friends mean everything to me.

I’ve realized that as I grow older, and life starts to become more real, the friendships I share with certain people exist on a level quite the same. We are like-minded, creative, and passionately driven towards goals that all happen to be in the same realm. It’s hard to find people like this, but eventually parallel souls are bound to come together.

I’ve met a few so far in Philly, and they have all added so much to my current situation that I can truly say it wouldn’t be the same without them. They continuously inspire me, and teach me things about myself without even realizing it. As much as we try to find weekends to all hang out together as one, it’s hard to get everyone in the same place sometimes. This past weekend, a work event allowed us to play our cards right, and situated all of us in a city not our own, but one that would do just fine to host an unexpected, but thoroughly enjoyed girls weekend…

New York City.

Taking the crew out of the 215 area code and hanging out in a different city, even if just for a few hours, was really special. Just like a relationship, finding new things to experience with each other is what keeps a friendship exciting and fun. Long nights, one hundred laughs, and beautiful weather made for a weekend where all of us could thoroughly enjoy each others company. Sometimes it takes taking a step outside of your usual surroundings to really appreciate the ones you keep close to you. Cheers to that.

diary 1

diary 10

diary 2

diary 8

diary 3

diary 5

diary 9


diary 6

pursuit of magic

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Woow that looks stunning, which camera do you own ? xx

Great post, these photos are stunning x
eleanor’s adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

I’m loving this! Itching for a girl’s weekend now :)

Warm Regards,


So cool photos!!
Kisses from Greece!

Love these pictures and your friends look awesome!

Love Always,

wonderful pics – i love that retro chic!

I love how you stuck the flowers onto the photos, gives them a very beautiful collage feel!