Boredom: A Blessing In Disguise

It’s like a stagnant hum that lingers in the mind. It comes about, somewhat unannounced, and shoos any form of entertainment out the door: Boredom.

It’s a state we’re all familiar with. We probably knew it best as children. I’d get it the worst whenever I stepped foot inside a doctors office. I was too young to understand anything that was in the dated lifestyle magazines, but too old for any of the germy toys that lived inside the waiting room. That waiting room was such torture for anyone between the ages of five and, well… even now it’s a place where boredom grabs hold and refuses to let go without a fight. That’s not the only place — boredom likes to show its face at work, in the car, at home, on bad dates… really anywhere or anytime it feels apt to make a presence.

But believe it or not, I’ve come to realize that boredom is actually a blessing in disguise.

Bored is defined as “feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity.” I never would have coined “being bored” as a good thing, but it’s actually our brains way of encouraging us to get up, get going and to do something.

get up and get moving

Overcoming it depends on how we force ourselves to take it on. Instead of twiddling your thumbs and begging the feeling of “meh” to disappear, try something new. Allow this time to float away on a daydream. Make new goals… foster creativity… find inspiration and run with it. The mind becomes blank when we’re bored, therefor, it needs something to make it colorful again. There’s a million things out there that we could distract ourselves with, and this time presents the perfect opportunity. Learning isn’t supposed to end once you leave school, so try out a new hobby and educate yourself… become familiar with the unfamiliar.


Next time we feel the words “I’m bored” about to slip from our lips, switch the pace up and get moving. Finding a challenge to use as a distraction is when all boredom will cease. Exercise, cook, clean, sing, dance, create, play… now is the time to get started.

+ How do you take on boredom?

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I do my best to entertain my boredom by knitting, playing with my cats, or if all else fails, cleaning….Sometimes I just lie on the couch and stare at the ceiling..I agree with you, boredom is a beautiful thing!

Boredom – wonderful time -to recreate goals!

I think boredom is something I hate the most in this world and I really mean this. It’s the worst feeling ever and for some reason I can’t handle it. I always try to do something, leave the house and walk in the city, paint something, write something, do my school work. But it’s like when I get bored, it’s already too late, the boredom won’t leave me. I become very angry, impatient, I got headache… I mean really :D I know it sound ridiculoud, but I don’t know why boredom does that to me. When my boyfriend is bored,… Read more »


privileged people problems…

^ I don’t agree. I think everyone has the inclination to be bored, especially people who are really busy all the time and don’t know how to handle free time (that definitely used to be me). Learning how to meditate helped me handle boredom as well as listening to music. Both of these things help me embrace the present moment, instead of getting frustrated by it. Great post.

Sometimes also my boredom come in my life.
My good way to get rid of the boredom is to talk to meet friends.

I see boredom as an opportunity to start something new, embrace creativity.

rubber stamps + invitations


I find it hard to be bored – not because I’m always doing things, but because when I’m physically doing nothing it’s a good opportunity to just think for a bit, and I often find myself daydreaming and reflecting on things.

Hmm, I can’t recall the last time I said “I’m bored” or felt boredom creep up on me. Maybe this is because I like to be productive, even when I’m seemingly doing nothing. Maybe it’s because I have so many things on my plate that there is always something that can be done, even if it’s not ~that productive. I don’t know, I think this post might be helpful to some, but I also believe many could benefit from being “bored” from time to time. In fact, it might be the only time they allow themselves to do nothing, which… Read more »

Can’t remember the last time I said I was bored?


I meditate. Or otherwise try to enjoy not having to DO anything.
(I’m usually rather busy.)
People (friends/family) also help me get rid of boredom, especially on vacations, trips, weekends, etc. Oh my God, car trips with my best friends are insane! We can spend days in a car without getting bored. Annoyed, maybe, but never bored.

Couldn’t agree more! Boredom is healthy, thats what I always tell the kids (at work)

i usually hop in the car and drive down to the beach when i’m bored. i can’t stay bored when i’m staring at the crashing waves.


where is her shirt from?

When you are bored, do not complain!! Realize that boredom = free time = a time to get to know oneself better. Grab a brush, a camera, a book–try to stay away from the tv–go out into nature and become nature. Our lives are so guided to distance ourselves from our true selves, our nature, our spirit and bodies–mother earth within us. Go find what makes your heart move.

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