Easy Decor Update: DIY Crystal Drawer Knobs

January has been all about the home for me. I’ve cleaned, organized, refreshed and renewed and I’m ready to kick off 2015 in a space that I can truly say I love and feel inspired by. A big part of that refresh has been spent revamping the furniture and decor items that I already own. A fresh coat of paint, a little gold leafing, a new color or accent… it’s incredible what a few small changes can do for your surroundings, and in turn, your spirit.

Today I’m sharing another easy (oh… so easy) project that you can do in mere minutes to freshen up your space. I’ve always liked the idea of changing out standard drawer knobs for something fancier, but I’ve never been satisfied with what I could find in stores. And then I realized that I could just make my own! I chose to use light-colored quartz crystals to match the vibe of my decor, but you could honestly use anything that you like — beach stones, amethyst, large glass beads… the options are endless. Read on for the how-to:

DIY Drawer Pulls

Crystal Drawer Knobs

Large crystals (choose a number that corresponds to the number of knobs you need)
Connecting bolts & nuts
Quick-drying clear epoxy
Paper plate or newspaper

First pick out your crystals. I found mine at a local art supply store, and decided to use similarly sized, similarly shaped stones, but you could choose to mix-and-match colors, stones, and/or sizes.

DIY Drawer Pulls

DIY Drawer Pulls

In a well-ventilated area, lay out the paper plate and prep the epoxy following the instructions on the package. Epoxy can be pretty nasty stuff, so it’s important that you avoid breathing in the fumes. Choose the surface on each stone where you’ll adhere the bolt, being sure that the stone can either stand alone or be propped up once the bolt is attached.

Spread a small dab of epoxy on the paper plate, and working one at a time, dip the flat end of each connecting bolt into the glue so that the surface is covered, but not dripping. Place the bolt epoxy side down on the stone. Repeat until each bolt is glued to a stone. Allow to dry completely.

DIY Drawer Pulls

When you’re ready to change out the knobs, remove the old knobs from your cabinet or drawer and attach the new ones using the nuts and a wrench. Admire your handy work and enjoy!

DIY Drawer Pulls


+ What tips do you have for refreshing your space? I’d love to know!

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  1. Wow this is so unbelievably awesome! I love the wonderful energy of stones and crystals and this is such a creative way to integrate them into your decor! I just recently moved in with my fiance and we’re redecorating his home, so ideas like this are wonderful inspirations! Thank you for sharing!

    The Weaver Of Words….weaving fibers & fables….

  2. it’s been over a year how are the crystal knobs holding up? have been eyeing some from Anthropologie but they are pretty expensive this would be a great alternative.

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