Book Club Meeting, Chapter 1: Stopping

For those of you who missed last week’s post, we have a new book club going on! This time, we’re reading Making Space: Creating a Home Meditation Practice by the wonderful Thich Nhat Hanh.

The first chapter is called Stopping, and it teaches gentle ways to do exactly that. We, as humans, are so, so busy – all the time. It’s almost as though we feel we need to be. What this chapter explains, however, is that the survival of humankind depends on our ability to do just the opposite.


All we need is the intention to stop the madness, and a space to allow us to do so. Slowing down and bringing the mind back to the body is how we will become mindful; fully present. It is only when we allow ourselves to be totally present that we are able to experience life in the fullest.

“We can touch the present moment in all its fullness and joy if we simply have a place, and a way, to stop.”

One tactic we can use to remind ourselves to stop and be present is to write out these little poems – called gathas – and place them around our homes, in areas that will grab our attention.

I love how simple and pleasant they are. For me, reading these words brings an instant wave of calmness.





+ What are some techniques you use to get yourself to stop the busyness and soak in the present moment?

Lead image by Thomas McKenna.

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9 years ago

I love these graphics – they’re so tranquil. To be in the present moment I try to focus really hard on my body – my breathing, heartbeat, and any tension points – and slow it all down. I’ll be checking out this book soon for sure.

julie // northern rustication

9 years ago

I love these mini mantras. Fabulous idea to create images to print and post around the home – even in mini frames would be darling!

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

Wow! I need to find this book asap! As a mom I always find myself thinking “what’s next” instead of soaking in the present moment. The mantras are great! Will be writing these down in my journal :) Thanks!


9 years ago

wow. that’s so incredibly awesome. writing inspires me too, especially in the early morning hours! I take 15 words chosen by another person, and use those words to weave a tale.

I also simply love pausing during my work day and looking at the slant of sunlight or the clouds moving past. Noticing the beauty of nature that is all around us, even in the city, helps me regain my center, relax, and remember what is truly important….

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

9 years ago

Amazing pictures! Meditation is key to achieving self enlightenment.

The Savvy Heart

9 years ago

I actually have this book on the way to me as of right now! I saw where you had posted about it last week, and that’s when I ordered it. :) I Love Home and feeling Connected. Your images are Beautiful as always Brigette. My Favorite thing to do is sit in total Silence, look around our home and out the window if I’m inside. I’m filled with Peacefulness and Gratitude. Thank You for recommending this book, I know how much more it will add to my Life. Peace, Love and Happiness to You Brigette!

9 years ago

Nature allows me to soak in the present moment. It can act as a much needed reminder in a busy day.

Thank you for posts like this! The Power of Now book club sparked me to read that book at an opportune time. This new selection sounds great. The photographs with quotes are beautiful.