Weekend Snapshot: Bundle Up

This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie!

With winter’s harsh winds comes the urge to hide from the frigid air and stay tucked away indoors. I feel as though I haven’t been adjusting to Philadelphia’s dropping temperatures lately, resulting in a serious case of cabin fever. I’ve found myself dreaming of warmer days, when a light jacket was all I needed to stroll through the cobblestone streets peeking in and out of music shops and small boutiques. I’ve felt the pull to get out in the city and photograph my favorite places, making beautiful memories to add to my collection. Yet one petty excuse has come between me and my love of exploring… the weather.

Living in the Northeast all my life, I’ve found dressing for the weather is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in winter time. There is nothing worse than stepping out into the icy morning air and having a strong gust of wind permeate right through your whole body. The simple act of adding a few more layers doesn’t have to sacrifice your style, if anything, cold weather accessories add a fun new element to styling an outfit. Yet more than dressing right for the cold air, I’ve learned you need to possess a positive outlook for bracing yourself against the weather. Yes, the winter winds may not make you feel the slightest bit motivated, but with an optimistic mindset (and lots of warm layers) you can still enjoy getting out.

This weekend I’m not spending another day on my couch waiting for the right temperature to make plans. I’m throwing on a cozy scarf and some tough boots, and getting out to explore and enjoy the exciting city that surrounds me. Rain, snow, sunshine or clouds… where there’s a will there’s a way. After all, life is too short to waste the day away waiting for a better one ahead… get out there (bundle up) and explore!

bundle up 2

1. Holy Mountain Dress

2. Knit Railroad Jacket

3. We the Free Boardwalk Mesh Top

4. Matterhorn Cozy Scarf

5. Woolrich Rancher Hat

6. Greyson Leather Crossbody

7. Travelling Lace Up Boot

8. Kopalan Legwarmer

bundle up1

bundle up3

bundle up 4

+What are your plans this weekend? 

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Wish it I could dress like this but it’s too warm in CA. Looks so cozy : )

Its a weirdly beautiful day here in Winfield,KS…so i’ve actually been enjoying it, it’s also one of the only Saturdays that I have had off in quite some time..Completely perfect day..I’ve been painting, read a few chapters in my book on the front porch while the neighbors cat sat at my feet, and grabbed a soda at Sonic…excited to see what else this wonderful saturday will bring! Happy weekend to you!!

I really like your fasion.
Your fashion is so chic and cool!!!


It’s absolutely freezing in England too! I always make sure to layer up when I’m heading out! I love the boots and maxi skirt though! I normally stick with leggings underneath jeans!



I feel the same, but when that weather app says 19 degrees …

Such gorgeous pictures, such gorgeous style! There’s something so delicious about bundling up and being warm and cozy during a harshly cold winter’s day. It always makes me feel very grateful too to have such a wonderful warm home to live in throughout the cold winter.


Going to use this as outfit inspiration for work tomorrow!

That purse. I want!!

Watercolor + Calligraphy Wedding Invitations
Flourish Design Co.


Love this post! I agree it is not the weather that keeps us in , it’s the bad clothing choices!! I am out everyday barring a complete rain out like yesterday in NY especially with the ice-YUCK! A good day to stay inside and watch Catching Fire and football.


Free People Blog: keep this one! Jealous of her style ;)

Love this outfit! The other day I was thinking about how I have to have a wardrobe for 4 seasons. New England life is rough!

Warm Regards,