Celebrating The Lunar New Year in LA

The Lunar New Year isn’t until this weekend but the streets of Chinatown in Los Angeles are already buzzing. The cherry blossom trees that line the sidewalks are in full bloom and add a soft pink touch to the colorful red and gold that adorn the streets. Red lanterns hang in the plazas, swaying gently in the wind. In just a few short days, Chinatown will be host to hundreds of people dancing and celebrating, ringing in the new lunar year. I’m so excited, I can already see the confetti in the air!

As Julie mentioned in her post last week, this weekend marks the turn of another year on the lunar calendar and represents a time to celebrate a new beginning. Traditionally, it runs from Lunar New Year’s Eve, which is the last day of the last month, until about the 15th of the first month. Because it is celebrated throughout many countries, celebrations vary from traditional customs to parades, family gatherings, and gift-giving, and in many major American cities, the festivities are most througout in the Chinatown neighborhoods.









Wondering what to do to ring in the Lunar New Year in LA? Be sure to check out these celebrations:

Saturday, February 21 from 12-8:30pm

116th Annual Golden Dragon Parade and Chinese New Year Festival. Located at the Central and West Plazas.

116th Annual Golden Dragon Parade: 1-3pm. Commencing at Hill and Ord Streets and concluding at Broadway and Cesar Chavez.

Main Stage Performances: 12-7:30pm. Dragon and lion dance, Chinese acrobatics, martial arts, acrobatic balancing, teapot juggling,  and DJ music.

Culinary Stage: 4-8pm. Various Chinese cooking demos.

There will also be live music featuring eight bands, a vintage photo booth, a craft beer garden, and various artisans including brush painters, calligraphers, sculptors, and more.

And if you’re not in LA, be sure to look up events close to you, the whole world will be celebrating, so there’s likely something happening close by!

+ What will you be doing to celebrate Lunar New Year?

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Living in Manila, I’ve always enjoyed the Lunar New Year celebrations that we host here. Dances, ornate costumes, wonderful music is always cheerful and bright from right outside my window. I love this season and I love what it represents, a rebirth or a renewal–a sign of moving from sludgy winter to beautiful spring (both metaphorically and meteorologically).


we had our reunion dinner and will have another proper one this saturday. not nice when it is not a public holiday like in some countries

These photos are gorgeous! I’d love to visit to ring in the new year – so many pretty sights and pastels! have so much fun! xo

Warm Regards,

It looks like its going to be a very festive celebration! I think its so cool how the holiday is based on the natural cycles of the moon, there’s something so wonderfully earthy about that!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

Yes, L.A. was very festive! I wasn’t there but it looks beautiful!

Its amazing how they celebrate it. I love all the traditions, but Chinese New Year is like…another world!!! I wish one day celebrated like them.
Amazing pics!!


I would love to visit Chinatown in LA, we have a very small one in Manchester and it is always so amazingly decorated for new year! I love any Chinese celebrations as they’re culture is really inspiring!

infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane