Kindred Spirits

How is it that you came to find this entity — one in over 7 BILLION on this earth? — who brings you the absolute opposite of loneliness?

Who creates such a swell of warmth in your being that nothing really feels THAT bad?

The first person that you want to talk to about that really weird dream you had last night, about the person who cut in front of you at the grocery store, about the tune that’s completely changed your life?

Lover, friend, mom, dad, sister, bro, pet… it is your kindred spirit.

+Who is your kindred spirit? share your pics with us –  #fpkindredspirits on instagram!

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8 years ago

My family would have to be my kindred spirits!

8 years ago

Love this – I’m feeling truly blessed to have so many! xo

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

totally feel like my puppy is my kindred spirit <3

8 years ago

My wife is my kindred spirit. She is my everything… see you on Instagram.