Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 16–22

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February 19–March 20

Your thinking about goals and work and your communication on the job could be off this week, when Mercury clashes with planets in your ambition and responsibilities houses. But Mercury is clicking with Pluto in your groups-and-hopes sector, making networking, creating new objectives and talking to friends easier. A solar eclipse in your sign prompts you to make a personal new beginning. Reinvent your image. Start expressing more of who you really are. Try something you’ve been afraid to try. With Uranus and Pluto quarreling, tumult with your finances, social and professional associations and future ambitions is highlighted. You’ve been anxious about security, because your bank balance or means of making money have been in flux. And your confidence has also had its ups and downs. Your concept of self-worth and your attitude toward possessions and wealth has probably been altered, as you free yourself from old values and figure out what’s most important to you. Your interests and ideals are changing too, and that’s shifted the landscape of your connections. Some friendships and professional ties have been severed, and you’ve met new people who seem to have the power to influence your future. With your goals continually evolving, you may be obsessed with what’s next. Keep redefining your values so you can ultimately fulfill your deeper purpose.


March 21–April 19

Uranus has been in Aries since 2011, and since 2012, he’s been battling Pluto in your ambition angle, creating friction between internal changes and external ones. This week, they meet up for their final round, exacerbating that friction. You want to be free to carve out your own identity, and you’re probably in the midst of redefining yourself in fits and starts. Shaking your life up has been both exciting and stressful. The shift in your life direction is slower and not as under your control as you’d like it to be. Having to work within a system in order to achieve something substantial in the world can make you feel tremendous pressure at times, giving you the urge to rebel. As Uranus and Pluto move on from their fight, imagine how you can be true to the person you’re becoming while attaining a version of success that continues to evolve. A solar eclipse at the end of your chart stimulates your intuition, your spiritual side and your need for some peace and quiet. But with the sun arriving in your sign, you won’t be feeling low-key for long. Your energy revs up, allowing you to make a strong impression and to devote your attention to what’s best for you in the year ahead. Happy birthday!


April 20–May 20

You’ve been grappling with unconscious impulses for the past few years, with disruptive Uranus in your subliminal sector. And with tumultuous Pluto in your perspective zone, your outlook has been shifting as a result of visceral, sometimes painful, experiences. This week, these two heavyweights battle each other for the last time in a feud that’s been going on since 2012. The rebellion in your subconscious and the evolution of your conscious beliefs have created tension in your head. Hopefully by now you’re feeling wiser about the world and more accepting of the fact that even a stable Taurus gets the urge to shake things up now and then. Consider any endings that you’ve gone through and how they might be for the best. Fear can make you hold on and eventually experience a painful loss, whereas letting go can facilitate a rebirth. Repressed truths have bubbled up, and old ideas have slowly died off—and all of it is pushing you into the future. Focus on your growth rather than on the external events precipitating it. Vow to increase your consciousness. The solar eclipse in your network zone and Venus’s arrival in Taurus should put you in a social mood. It’s a good time for making new friends and joining a group related to your interests or goals.


May 21–June 20

Mercury is interacting with three other planets while traveling through your ambition angle, and a solar eclipse lands in that angle this week as well. Be mindful of how you present yourself, because all this planetary activity is pushing you into the glare of the spotlight. Communication with authority figures is especially tricky, and your best strategy will be to do intensive research and utilize psychological insights. Be willing to change something in your life direction or career path, and turn your attention to new goals instead of getting caught up in the resistance you’re facing with a current one. The last Uranus-Pluto battle in their three-year war is taking place now, emphasizing a big shift in how you relate to people. Issues around control, trust, sharing, jealousy and intimacy have come up in close relationships, while your drive for independence and your urge to pursue new interests have impacted friendships and your role in groups. You’ve run up against the challenges of partnership and the unpredictability of others and have probably gotten into power struggles and severed ties with some people. As you’ve changed, the individuals and networks you identify with have changed. You want to be free to do your own thing, but you also crave closeness. Honor both sides of yourself, and avoid putting the onus on others.


June 21–July 22

This week’s Uranus-Pluto showdown is the last in their three-year war, and it brings to a head the friction caused by changes in your life direction and your relationships. Uranus has made you feel like rebelling against authority and systems, while Pluto has made you bristle over power imbalances between you and others. You have an urge to change the old rules, go up against an establishment, switch your career track, immerse yourself in an intense relationship, end a longstanding one or fight with powerful people. Neither your place in the world nor the dynamic between you and others is the same as it was a few years ago. You don’t see yourself headed in the same direction as you used to, and you don’t relate to people in the same way. And these shifts have clashed at times. For instance, maybe your ambition has made it harder for you to hand over power and compromise. Maybe you’re drawn to someone who’s having an impact on your goals. In any case, knowing who you are and the contribution you want to make to the world will center you. What do you want to be known for? Claim your freedom to go after that. What do you want in a relationship? Own your power to have it.


July 23–August 22

When Uranus and Pluto square off this week, it’s the last round in the boxing match that’s been going on between these two heavyweights since 2012. Uranus has rattled your perception of the world by forcing you to face circumstances that don’t mesh with your old views. As you learn to look at life from a different angle, an urge to experience more of what it has to offer takes over. Traveling, studying unfamiliar subjects, meeting different people and having new experiences can help you become more conscious of a wide range of possibilities for your future. You’ll probably find yourself itching to leap into that future, fortified by courage and faith. But Pluto is transforming your daily life at a slower pace, and you may feel like you’re in purgatory, as one reality dies and another takes its place. This transformational planet has been overhauling your job, health, habits, skills, work ethic, time management, daily duties and usual modus operandi—probably not all of the above at once. Holding onto your old life will only make the transition more painful. Welcome a new take on the big picture and a new approach to everyday goings on. The solar eclipse pushes you to make progress on an issue related to sharing or closeness and heal your psyche.


August 23–September 22

Verbal exchanges could be complicated this week, thanks to Mercury in your relationship angle mixing it up with planets in your emotions, subliminal and self-expression houses. Old patterns, the past, self-doubt or a blue mood could keep you from connecting with someone, and you may be guarding your feelings so as not to be vulnerable. Subconscious expectations may also have an effect on your personal interactions. But if you dig deep and refuse to betray your integrity, you have the power to make yourself heard. Uranus and Pluto are winding down their three-year battle, highlighting the tension between interdependence and individual fulfillment. Uranus has brought unforeseen changes connected with monetary resources, sharing, trust, partnership and intimacy. You’re impatient for financial independence, because you don’t want to feel obliged to any person or indebted to any institution. You may be balking at the strings attached to a close relationship, and yet Pluto has given you an intense desire for deep love. He’s tearing down and rebuilding your creativity, what makes you happy, how you express your uniqueness and how you love. Personal fulfillment and personal commitments sometimes seem to be at odds, as you navigate finding your true self and sharing your life with others. The solar eclipse encourages you to shift your one-on-one relationship dynamics and don’t look back.


September 23–October 22

This week’s Uranus-Pluto dustup is the last of seven such battles in their three-year war that’s been affecting your relationships, family, home life and emotional state. You’ve probably forged some quick connections in the past few years, gone through a breakup with a romantic partner or friend and encountered an inordinate degree of unpredictability and quirkiness in others. You may want more personal space than usual—or someone may have pushed you away or abruptly left your life. The instability in your relationships has shaken you up, but you’ve also been rocked by dark memories, family problems, a move or other big domestic shift, and possibly even repressed rage. Pluto has stirred up issues from the past that you’d probably rather not deal with. But processing unpleasant feelings will allow you to move on from them, whereas trying to control them is likely to result in regressive behavior. The ground is shifting beneath you, and you really want to regain a sense of equilibrium. Maybe people aren’t exactly who you thought they were, and what used to comfort you isn’t there for you anymore. Make some sort of peace with the changes happening in your life. A solar eclipse is telling you to turn over a new leaf when it comes to your job, health, habits or everyday responsibilities.


October 23–November 21

The last battle in the 2012–2015 war between Uranus and Pluto is taking place this week, highlighting how much you’ve been struggling with major shifts in how you think and how you operate. In the past few years, you’ve changed jobs, taken on new responsibilities or sought work that offers you more freedom. Your old daily routine has probably been turned upside down, and acquiring new skills can help you to put a more individualistic stamp on how you spend your days. Your health may have had some ups and downs, and a change in habits can make a difference in your energy level. Still, all the changes in your circumstances lately are likely to make you somewhat anxious. You’re craving more control over your life, but even your empowered mindset and strong will won’t make everything just as you want it to be. You’re dealing with some dark stuff in your head and could be going through something heavy involving a sibling. Your brain is constantly churning, as things that you used to take as givens are called into question, and you may have adopted a crisis mentality. Overhauling your thought patterns and liberating yourself from old ways of doing things isn’t easy, but there’s no turning back. And that’s a good thing.


November 22–December 21

Your rapport with coworkers, communication with family and talking about your feelings could be tricky this week when Mercury and Venus squabble with Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn can make you come across as withholding, stern, negative or off-putting without you realizing it. Boundaries, focus and self-control are all good, but be aware of how people perceive you. The battle between Uranus and Pluto will probably overshadow such issues, as it exacerbates the ongoing friction between wanting to be free to pursue whatever makes you happy and needing to deal with the issue of monetary resources. Creativity, fun, romance and hobbies are all part of enjoying life, but what gives you pleasure and fulfills you has probably been in flux these past few years, given Uranus’s erratic nature. And Pluto has shifted your financial status, your source of income, your self-esteem and your values over a longer course of time. You want to experiment with different ways of amusing yourself, and you may be attracted to unconventional people now. But you also feel compelled to focus on building up your security and being self-sufficient. Both your concept of worth and your concept of your uniqueness are changing. Tapping into your full range of talents and changing how you create your life story will engender major progress.


December 22–January 19

Uranus in your roots angle has been arguing with Pluto in Capricorn since 2012, and this week they have it out one last time. Changes in your home life or family have rocked your foundation, and personal emotional upheaval has further destabilized you. You’ve had the urge to rebel against your tribe and break free from the past. You’re not tightly bound to childhood patterns anymore, and your concept of security has been altered as you become more independent and stop relying so much on what used to provide comfort. Pluto has triggered an overhaul of your old identity, and that’s having a major impact on your ego. The lord of the underworld tends to dredge up the deep, dark stuff that scares us, and our natural response is to try to control. In your case, you’re probably attempting to keep a firm grip on your emotions, your environment and your interactions. You’re also more ambitious than ever, but you’re better off focusing on transforming yourself from within so as to be a force for good in the world than you are striving to conquer the world. Align yourself with the changes going on in your life, and face your upsetting feelings and mysterious inner workings rather than obsessing over fighting foes and maintaining power in the outer world. Your real power is within.


January 20–February 18

The Uranus-Pluto battle that’s produced friction between your conscious and unconscious thoughts the last few years wraps up this week. New truths have revealed themselves, pushing you off worn pathways in your brain and forcing you to think differently. Some of the disruptions in your habitual mindset have been unsettling, but you’ve also come up with brilliant ideas and insights. You’re expressing yourself more freely, and your everyday interactions have changed. Maybe it feels like life has sped up, and your mind is racing to keep pace. Variables are flying at you, and you’re noticing things you didn’t notice before. Ideally, you’re waking up to a new way of looking at everything, and that will have a positive effect on your future. But Pluto’s presence in the last house of your chart calls for you to sort through buried contents in your psyche so they no longer have an undue influence over you. You’re compelled to face your fears, heal old pain, work through repressed anger and other emotional baggage, let go of guilt, forgive and seek closure. Internal turbulence has led to some self-sabotage and a disconnect between what’s going on deep inside you and what you’re dealing with in the outer world. But it’s all part of the same process that’s transforming your spirit and freeing your mind.

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8 years ago

As an Aquarius, I didn’t recognize that the past few years have been filled with awakening until I read this. There’s been a lot of friction, and what I thought was the source of the friction really isn’t the issue. Thanks for this! I’m not big on horoscopes, but this actually spoke to me a bit.

8 years ago

The forecast for Gemini is dead on. I’ve been going through major changes in my close relationships, it has been confusing but this helps to make some sense of it all. Thank you!

8 years ago

Thank you for this – I’m an Aries and I always love reading into these to match what’s going on for me , this seems on point!

Warm Regards,