Two FP Me Aussies, One Beautiful Backdrop

This post comes from our friend, Amanda Julca– a photographer based in Miami, FL!

I am a Miami-based photographer in love with documenting travel, life experience, and cultural elements, with my greatest inspiration being found in nature’s light, texture, movement, patterns and composition.

As such, I knew I wanted our Sydney-based shoot to reflect a genuine Australian lifestyle — an active life spent near the ocean, embellished with natural elements and patterns. Ally and Morgan were obvious choices – true Aussie girls who embrace a very bohemian lifestyle. Ally is founder of Substance — an Australian lifestyle, health and fashion blog, and Morgan is a musician and creative artist. Our makeup artist, Emmily Banks, was a perfect complement to our project — her artistry is founded on authenticity with a commitment to using natural-based products.

Bondi Beach became our backdrop. A historic suburb of Sydney, it’s both a lively and secluded beach town, edgy yet understated — a place where locals and tourists can build memories along its rocky shore.

We focused on swim and movement pieces, with the Beach Riot Rash Guard Top’s muted cool tones and bold detailing setting the stage. The remainder of our collection, in turn, became a moving palette of black and white with purple accents, which blended perfectly with our surroundings. Ally and Morgan wove in their own accessories, indicative of their personal style and their love of Free People.

And here lies our story of a good life lived on the shore, where bohemian influence and rich experience exist as one.


Get the look: Strappy Back Rashguard, Solid Boy Bottom, Twiggy Round Sunglass, Round Top Ranger Hat


Get the look: Sleeveless One Piece, The Madeline Hat, Beneath the Waves Sunglass, Antalya Coin Collar







Get the look: Infinity Legging, Infinity Bra, Stretch Upper Arm Band


Get the look: LA Nite Tank, Bandit Denim Cutoffs, Wrapped Leather Band Hat






Photographer/writer: Amanda Julca

Models: Morgan Joel and Ally Hayward

Hair and Makeup: Emmily Banks

Follow Amanda, Ally, Morgan, and Emily on Instagram

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8 years ago

The natural light is perfect in these shots! Love the wardrobe and styling too. I blog about fashion over at :)

8 years ago

i do not think free people could have picked 2 girls better suited for this shoot. ally and morgan are absolutely beautiful inside and out and wear the items as if they were specially made for them. in my opinion these are the types of women that need to be “models” not only in the fashion industry but for young girls and women everywhere. With ideal bodies and real curves, they are healthy, it’s not hard to see that they are both comfortable in their own skin and have nothing to hide. great shoot!

8 years ago

Do you have a Free People store in Sydney that hold these beautiful pieces? I know there is a come as you are store in bondi but I didn’t see these pieces there.

8 years ago

Fabulous outfits!

8 years ago

Gosh, these girls look amazing! They look fantastic in everything.

8 years ago

The background is beautiful, but the models steal show! With each shot, I want to know more about each girl’s bohemian story…


8 years ago

I would love to live somewhere with as beautiful scenery as this! Each shot is stunning and makes me wish I was there…

infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

8 years ago

I love the look of this, everything so bright, yet earthy. The jewellery is to die for, I love the big silver necklace and the shells on the arm band! beautiful photography!

8 years ago

Fabulous job! This is an amazing editorial – love the location and shots xo

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

I love that rash guard! Soon cute!



yakov fried
8 years ago