See You At SXSW!!

Woo! Today is the day that the team and I head down to Austin, Texas for SXSW 2015!

I can’t believe it’s already crept up again so soon. It definitely doesn’t feel like a year has gone by since I was last there. Every trip to this amazing city brings with it something new, and I can’t wait to experience the festival a little differently this year by celebrating the kick off of festival season with our very own showcase! We’re also trying to share as much live coverage as we can… so that means real-time updates on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, BLDG25, and Spotify! Make sure you’re following along with us so you don’t miss out on any surprises along the way :) We’ll be using #FPFestivalDays to keep track!

We want to compile a special SXSW Spotify playlist of all the music we hear during our time at SXSW, the moment we hear it. We’ve started it off with some of the bands we are excited to see, and the tracks that are getting us pumped on the excursion south to Austin. We want this playlist to be collaborative, so leave your track suggestions in the comments! Start listening to the playlist below, and stay tuned for daily updates!



Julie and I will also be exploring the streets of Austin, looking for all you stylish folk to capture the best SXSW/Austin street style. Keep an eye out for us!! You never know where we may end up ;)


See you in Austin, and let’s officially kick off #FPFestivalDays !!

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8 years ago

can you share how you created that moving picture – sooo cool
enjoy sxsw ladies!

8 years ago

OMG! So Excited for festival season! Since its just starting to warm up up here in Canada we’ve got a couple more months before the festivals come out in full force <3 Enjoy!

8 years ago

Have so much fun!!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Aww, I’m in L.A.! :(

8 years ago

Lol, So cute!(Last photo)