How Do You Unplug?

The past few times I’ve been in NYC, it’s been primarily for work.

Quick day trips here and there, only having time to gather content for upcoming posts. It was nice to have this prior weekend for pure enjoyment.

Birthday parties and house warming parties brought a whole crew from Philly up to Brooklyn. I guess we could call it a “girls trip”.  I feel lucky that some of my best friends are also my co-workers, and it made for an easy getaway on Friday afternoon. We left the office and made the quick 2 hour drive north. I’m used to making this trek alone, so it was nice to have some company. Some of my favorite conversations happen in the car, and Naomi made such a good point as we were en route: She made mention that one of the reasons she loves to take weekend trips is because it’s one of the only times where she really feels like she can relax and unplug from everything. I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.

I’ve had so many weekends in Philly where I won’t have any work to catch up on, but somehow I’m always still thinking about things I should be working on, and my computer inevitably opens up and I start typing away. When I’m in the place where my normal day to day routine happens, I’ve realized that I’m subconsciously still focused on that schedule. It’s hard to completely push work and stresses out of my mind, as I’m sure it is for a lot of us. So how do we do it? How do we completely unplug, only to live in the joy of each moment happening as it happens?

I tried real hard this past weekend to do just that, and I think I succeeded. I had my girls, good spirits, and 2 beautiful days to relish in great times. I had so much fun spending time away from home with the people who always keep me laughing.

If you have the right distractions, it makes for an easy escape. You should try it sometime.











+How do you fully unplug and push aside your stresses? Please let me know in the comments!

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7 years ago

This is definitely something I have not mastered, but simply turning off the volume on my phone and just remembering how big the universe is and how tiny I am helps :)

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

At least once a week, weather permitting, my husband and I go on a nature walk. Lexington is filled with tons of parks and reserves so it’s really, really easy to step into nature. I also minimize my weekend screen time… I prep my blog posts and am done with it. Obviously will power is harder than it sounds, but I just don’t open my laptop back up. Instead, I drink tea, walk my dogs, clean house… anything. I try to do at least one unplanned thing each weekend. Also, I like to make time for reading! I never am without a good book. It helps me take my mind off work and the outside world.

7 years ago

Cooking! I do need to go outside, more. It’s a beautiful world out there.

7 years ago

I do meditation. It is a key for relaxation and make me active.

7 years ago

While, it’s something I still find difficult, what with my type-A personality, I find a quick drive out to the beach or the Everglades a good way to unplug and focus on the sounds of life all around that doesn’t need batteries. When I have a weekend, I’ll head down to Key West and soak in the unhurried atmosphere. I also travel a lot, so having favorite music, headphones, and my sketchbook on hand can help me unwind even in the busiest airports.

I love that sheer blue skirt/dress in the 7th and 9ths photos (worn with the black jacket) what is that piece?

7 years ago

I try really hard to unplug on a daily basis. Although it’s not always easy, I find that meditating for at least ten minutes helps to clear my chattery mind!