The Call of Adventure

It calls my name loud and clear.

An impulse, an urge, an invitation…

Adventure awaits.

It cannot be hushed, quieted, ignored. It comes from deep within.

The call of journey is sung for only those who will listen. Sweet and strong.

Unearth the land, discover the sea, chase the sun.

Will you listen, explore, seek?













+ Is adventure calling your name? Will you listen?

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  1. These photos are adding to my bad case of wanderlust — they’re beautiful. I’ve been craving adventure lately but haven’t been able to find the time. I should probably make time, even if it means a little day-trip adventuring around city. I always feel so inspired and peaceful after a little exploration.

    Dee |

  2. The word WANDERLUST resonates through my mind and I have the strong desire to set free… The photos are truly amazing. The photo of the little shop of fresh farm products with strawberries on the sign looks very familiar to me. I’m wondering where it is located. On a trip along the coast of No. Cal., we stopped at a little store that looks amazingly like the one in your photo. It was on the way to Carmel/Montery Bay, CA. I bought some homemade strawberry jam at that quaint, darling little store. The trip was amazing and even more so because I was with the man I love! Thanks for posting and thanks to everyone for your comments! :)

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