Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 11–17

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April 20–May 20

With Mars entering your worth house, it will be useful in the next six weeks to attend to financial matters, deal with possessions, work on your self-esteem, utilize all the resources at your disposal and take action in accordance with your personal values. This week’s Mars-Saturn faceoff could spell frustration related to possessiveness, trust, sharing, jealousy, money and mutual priorities. You may be pushing for something that’s important to you and feel like another person is withholding or standing in your way. You could be compelled to work out a compromise between “mine” and “ours”. A Venus-Neptune collaboration ensures you’ll enjoy harmony with a group, especially if you’re around people who share your ideals. You’ll find that friends are receptive when you convey your warm feelings. The new moon in Taurus is your cue to kick off your new year with some form of personal reinvention. Make a change that brings your image more in line with who you are inside.


May 21–June 20

Mobilizing Mars lands in Gemini this week, giving you six weeks to further your own agenda. This is a period for asserting yourself and proving what you can do. You should have the vigor to work hard and accomplish a great deal. But first you’ll have to get past a frustrating opposition with Saturn in your relationship angle. This is likely to play out as someone limiting you or outright blocking you and preventing you from doing what you’ve set out to do. Your natural inclination will be to push back, to fight whatever is standing in your way. If you think of this as a test, though, you can modify your actions to suit the current situation. You shouldn’t let anyone stop you in your tracks, but nor should you bulldoze over people. The new moon encourages you to retreat from the world and cultivate more empathy and compassion in your life—both for others and for yourself.


June 21–July 22

Mars moves into your subliminal sector this week, prompting you to work behind the scenes without seeking recognition, pursue a spiritual goal, do something to help others and finish up a project in the next six weeks. Watch out for regressive, subconscious behavior patterns that can undermine you, because when Mars is in this house, it’s easy to work against yourself without recognizing what you’re doing. The current faceoff between Mars and Saturn calls for you to be extra mindful and not to project frustrations onto coworkers. You’re apt to feel like whatever you’re doing isn’t measuring up, and the solution is to conserve your energy and focus your efforts where they will be most effective. Venus in Cancer is clicking with Neptune in your expansion zone, helping you to feel in tune with the world, get lost in an experience, relate to people who are different from you, embrace an intuitive burst of faith, have a romantic adventure or enjoy a trip.


July 23–August 22

After Mars moves into your hopes-and-humanity sector this week, part of your focus will turn to teamwork, group activities, professional networking and pursuing new goals over the coming six weeks. A Mars-Saturn opposition suggests that first you’ll need to get past your inclination to work on what is most fulfilling to you personally rather than collaborating with others. Or you may hesitate to express yourself fully with people, perhaps harboring some insecurity over what you’re striving to accomplish. Part of you probably feels like withdrawing and focusing on yourself, but while Mars is in this house, you must try to sync up your efforts with like-minded people. A Venus-Neptune connection alludes to the pleasures of alone time and private time with a loved one, as well as the catharsis of compassion for yourself and others. This planetary configuration is a beautiful blend of cleansing, healing and love. The new moon beckons you to create a new career objective or tweak your life direction.


August 23–September 22

Mars ascends to your chart’s peak this week, giving you the drive to go after your most ambitious goals. You’ll be highly motivated to succeed in the next six weeks and will work especially hard on projects you’re passionate about. You’ll do best as your own boss, but if someone has authority over you or you must work with colleagues, you may need to temper your approach, as Mars can be quite aggressive. This week’s Mars-Saturn faceoff presents the first challenge: getting past an emotional block, family resistance, domestic issues or a private problem that can hold you back from achieving what you want to. You can slow down, but don’t stop. A meeting between Venus and Neptune hints at social harmony and romantic connection, so don’t keep to yourself. The new moon invites you to learn something new, embrace a fresh perspective, satisfy your wanderlust and make a commitment to yourself to get out of your comfort zone this year.


September 23–October 22

With Mars entering your expansion house this week for a six-week stay, you’ll be geared up to travel, fight for what you believe in, work hard on learning something, chase new experiences and go out of your way to meet different people. But a Mars-Saturn conflict means you’ll need to push past limited thinking, pessimism, discouragement, apprehension about shifting gears or a reluctance to express yourself. This conflict is apt to manifest as mental tension or an argument. Sticking to an old pattern of thinking will prevent you from broadening your mind and adopting a more vitalizing perspective. But it’s appropriate to weigh potential actions in your head so you can decide what’s best for you. Venus in your ambition angle is gelling with Neptune in your productivity sector, so you could attract success by helping others and by doing work that doesn’t necessarily serve your ego. Endeavors related to beauty, spirituality, service and creativity should go particularly well.


October 23–November 21

This week, Mars enters your depth sector, where he’ll be hanging for the next six weeks. To get the most out of this period, channel extra energy into confronting something in your psyche in order to change it, pursuing a satisfying sex life, doing intensive work like a research project, tackling debt or tax issues and actively cooperating in a partnership where you share resources. A faceoff between Mars and Saturn implies that rigid values, personal or financial insecurity, possessiveness and a fear of not getting your needs met could deter you, and compromise is called for. Try to avoid fighting with someone because of what you don’t have. Saturn wants you to learn what is truly most valuable to you. A Venus-Neptune encounter alludes to the pleasures of travel, learning, new experiences and spiritual connections. The new moon coaxes you to make a commitment to someone, go public with something, begin negotiations, start a relationship or take one to the next level.


November 22–December 21

Mars crosses your one-on-one angle this week, pushing you to partner with someone on a project, work through a conflict in a relationship and actively compromise when it’s appropriate. But Mars runs into trouble with Saturn in Sagittarius, indicating that you may put up a roadblock to cooperation and perhaps try to do everything yourself. Saturn is getting you to set boundaries, but you may also be building a bit of a wall around yourself in the process. To some extent, that’s necessary, considering that you’re supposed to be turning your attention inward and working on yourself. The isolating aspect of this work may become obvious now, as someone else will try to penetrate your perimeter. A Venus-Neptune meetup coaxes you to enjoy time at home, either by yourself or with someone close to you. And the new moon strongly encourages a fresh start with your diet, exercise regimen, health, job, habits, time management, to-do list, schedule or work ethic.


December 22–January 19

With supercharged Mars landing in your productivity zone this week, you should spend the next six weeks getting stuff done. You’ll have the energy to tackle your to-do list, accomplish a lot at your job, complete physical tasks and get plenty of exercise. But first Mars has to get past an opposition with Saturn in your subliminal sector. You might be dragging your feet, reluctant to undertake anything new before you’ve finished up everything that’s already on your plate. Or you could experience self-doubt or hesitate to jump into a chaotic workload without a plan. In any case, be aware of this strong possibility that you’re stopping yourself from taking care of business. Harmony between Venus and Neptune signals pleasant relations, especially if you opt for a go-with-the-flow mindset. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and make peace. A new moon in your joy house gives you the go-ahead to play, get creative, seek romance and discover a fresh source of pleasure.


January 20–February 18

After Mars arrives in your fulfillment zone this week, you’ll be inclined to go for it when it comes to your own happiness. This is a period for actively expressing your individuality, pursuing pleasure, letting your creative impulses lead the way, going after the sex, love and romance that you want and enjoying life in general. A faceoff between Mars and Saturn, however, indicates a speed bump in the form of other people. Chasing personal pleasure and deferring to society’s rules, the requirements of a group, your responsibilities to friends or the demands of other peers aren’t readily compatible. It will probably feel like the winner can only be you or them, not both. Try to find compromises rather than rebelling, and don’t hold out for anyone’s approval to do what you feel is right for you. The new moon invites you to consider what makes you feel safe and secure and do something to improve your home life.


February 19–March 20

Mars descends to the bottom of your chart this week, prompting you to work from home or work on your home. The next six weeks are also a good time to confront private emotions and be proactive about improving your living situation, although you are more likely than usual to encounter domestic conflict. So be aware of your moods and your role in interactions with family or people you live with. A Mars-Saturn opposition suggests that work, goals, public responsibilities or an authority figure may prevent you from being home as much as you’d like or may put you in a disagreeable mood. Compulsive behavior is common when Mars is in this house, because he’s activating old, emotionally driven patterns. Try to be as self-aware as possible. A Venus-Neptune meeting favors romance, creativity, pleasure, play, happiness and affection and urges you to lose yourself in the sheer joy of being completely yourself. This is your cue to let go and live a little!


March 21–April 19

Your ruler Mars moves into your cognition-and-communication house this week, revving up your brain and increasing the tempo of your daily life. The next six weeks lend themselves to working in your community, fighting for your ideas and doing challenging intellectual work. But a Mars-Saturn opposition means you could have a difference of opinion with someone older than you or someone more advanced than you in a particular field of knowledge. Or you may feel like you’re hitting a wall in terms of learning and growth, and perhaps your path is being blocked by a person with authority over you. Try to be patient and don’t give up. Concentrate on what you’re aiming to accomplish. If you take a break to enjoy time at home, you’re apt to experience spiritual, emotional or creative flow. A new moon in your worth house reminds you to be clear on your material and financial needs and get your priorities in order.


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  1. My horoscope is so spot on. Especially the part about hitting a wall in terms of learning and growth. Let’s hope next weeks is a bit more positive!

  2. I’m a Sagittarius and I’ve always been healthy to begin with. But there is an isolating factor in my life now that’s taking a toll, so accurate enough!

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