Clear Vision

Two New Yorkers, two cross-country plane tickets, two suitcases packed to the brim… one unforgettable trip to California.

They traveled 2,800 miles to set their eyes on a coast they’ve never seen before. To put their feet in an ocean they’ve never felt. To see the sun set in the west. These two gals, with their unruly blonde hair, reminded me that beauty is just a step outside my door. No, not because I live in such an aesthetically attractive city, but because I can so often lose sight of the how special it is when I start to take it for granted. The gorgeous sherbet colored sunsets, the sweet smell of my neighbor’s jasmine, the warm Santa Ana night winds… how am I not in awe of that every day? Every moment!

So when I met these East Coasters on the Santa Monica beach last week, I got to see the city through their eyes. Their impressed and lively eyes. They talked of their travels thus far, the cities they’ve seen and restaurants they’ve eaten at. They eagerly spoke of beaches and deserts that they will eventually explore in a few day’s time, all the while radiating with vitality and excitement. I couldn’t help but feel awakened. So thank you Lauren and Magalie, for bringing me back to myself and seeing the city through clear vision. For slowing me down for a moment to truly appreciate what is around me. 


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Modeled by Lauren and Magalie, just steps outside of the Free People Santa Monica store on Main St.

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So fun! I’d love to California — maybe this winter :)

Warm Regards,

Stunning photos, stunning ladies! I’d love to go to Cali!


seriously though, anyone living near the ocean has no idea how lucky they are to be near such beauty every day. I’m so jealous lol…I yearn for something i’ve never seen, in a place I have never been.

These girls are gorgeous! I love their inspirational fashion too!

Love this post, gives me so much peace and love! <3

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Amazing photos. These shall inspire my beach wear for the weekend!