Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 26–November 1

Find out what the universe has prepared for you this week…

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October 23–November 21

The sun entered Scorpio on Friday, where it will remain until November 22, boosting your vitality and your drive to express your identity to the world. This is your month to focus on you and allow yourself to be a force of nature. A sun-Neptune collaboration inspires you to channel your energy into manifesting an ideal of creativity, love, pleasure or personal fulfillment. You can show who you are through an artistic endeavor or by wearing your heart on your sleeve. This planetary combo prompts you to become the person you yearn to be and live a rich, happy life. But the full moon in your one-on-one angle reminds you to factor in other people’s feelings and needs, and it may spell a turning point in a relationship. Empathy, intuition and communication will help you to stay connected.



November 22–December 21

With the sun having just slipped into the last house in your chart, your solar year is beginning to wind down. This is a period for reflection and release, peace and quiet is in order in the coming weeks. This week, the sun is gelling with spiritual Neptune in your foundation angle, reinforcing the theme of alone time. Focus on turning your home into your ideal sanctuary. Get creative in beautifying your space, and lose some clutter. Or simply spend time at home clearing your head and recharging your battery. The full moon may get your attention with a health issue, work crisis or various responsibilities. Notice what feels like too much now. It could be time to drop a bad habit, a meaningless task or something that’s encumbering your schedule.



December 22–January 19

The sun just entered your hopes-and-humanity sector, luring your focus to new objectives and group support. Friendships, professional contacts and your affiliations with organizations will demand more of your energy in the month to come. You’re reminded that you don’t live in a vacuum and need to cooperate with other people at times to accomplish things. Notice how you play different roles depending on whom you’re with. A link between the sun and Neptune this week facilitates a flow in your communication with others and can lead to mutual understanding. Empathy will help you feel more connected to people. The full moon prompts you to balance all of this emphasis on groups and the greater good with personal pleasure and creative self-expression. Pouring your heart out may bring a love affair to a crossroads.



January 20–February 18

Since the sun recently ascended to the top of your chart, you’re encouraged to keep a high profile and put your best foot forward in the coming month. It’s natural during this period to focus on your career progress and your reputation and to strive to live up to your potential. Don’t shy away from taking on more responsibility; you should shine your light with confidence now. This week, the sun is meshing with Neptune in your worth zone, drawing a connection between your success and your resources. Your higher values could guide you to pursue certain goals, or your efforts to achieve could be driven by a yearning for security. The full moon nudges you to balance ambition with enjoying the comforts of home, family and downtime and tuning into your emotions.



February 19–March 20

Now that the sun is in your exploration house, it’s time to broaden your horizons by embracing learning, new experiences, different people, travel and anything else that takes you outside your comfort zone and inspires a fresh outlook. This week, the sun is gelling with Neptune in Pisces, suggesting that you’re open to such growth experiences and they can change not only your perception of the world, but your perception of yourself. You may also feel tremendous compassion for—and connection with—faraway strangers and people from different backgrounds. Your creative vision is also exceptional now. The full moon may bring information to light or coincide with an issue with a sibling or in your community. Sudden busyness can overload your brain; take a deep cleansing breath and express your feelings and needs.



March 21–April 19

The sun just moved into your depth sector, shining a light on your psyche, sharing and intimacy. In the coming month, you’re called to probe into matters that you might normally overlook, such as how good you are at merging your resources and values with another person. Interdependence is especially challenging for autonomous rams. This week, the sun is clicking with Neptune in your spirituality house, further encouraging quiet introspection and private time with someone close to you. This is a good opportunity to dig deep within yourself, conquer a fear and release emotional baggage. The full moon in your worth zone may be associated with a development related to finances, possessions, self-esteem or personal values. The importance of give-and-take is again highlighted, as you’re called to balance your own needs and priorities with someone else’s.



April 20–May 20

The sun just crossed your partnership angle, signaling that you shouldn’t go it alone in the coming month. One-on-one interactions are emphasized, and you could benefit from consulting someone now. Examine your role in your relationships and how well you function as a unit when you partner with someone. This week, the sun is gelling with Neptune in your group sector, inspiring you to reach out to others who share your interests and ideals. Socializing, networking, philanthropy and friendships will give you a feeling of flow. Teaming up with someone to be of service could be especially gratifying. The full moon in Taurus reminds you that your own needs are important too, and it could trigger strong emotions. Express what you’re feeling, and consider what you can  release from your life to lighten your load.



May 21–June 20

Now that the sun is hanging out in your duties house, it’s time to focus on being productive and healthy. Your energy in the coming month should be geared toward physical fitness, taking care of business on the job and in your daily life and improving your habits, skills, work ethic, usefulness and efficiency. The sun is syncing with Neptune in your ambition angle this week, suggesting that putting your nose to the grindstone will give you a sense of higher purpose. You may be confused over the direction your life is heading in, but doing the work that’s in front of you can inspire you to keep pursuing a calling. The full moon reminds you to tend to your inner life as well, balancing work with rest and reflection.



June 21–July 22

With the sun now ensconced in your pleasure house, the coming month calls for you to enjoy life to the fullest. Creativity, play, romance, hobbies and various forms of self-expression are favored. You’re encouraged to be yourself and to do what makes you happy. The sun is collaborating with Neptune in your exploration sector this week, infusing you with faith and inspiration. Escaping your daily reality through travel, learning, new experiences and exposure to different people will be especially satisfying, and you may have a lovely feeling of being at one with the world. The full moon in your group zone prompts you to balance personal fulfillment with consideration for others. A turning point with a group or friendship is possible. Be there for people when they need you, and be proud of your caretaker role.



July 23–August 22

Your ruler the sun just dipped down to the bottom of your chart, orienting your energy toward home, family and your inner life in the month to come. Feeling comfortable, grounded and in tune with your emotions becomes especially important during this time of year. Unwinding alone in familiar surroundings will restore your equilibrium. The sun is syncing up with Neptune in your depth sector this week, implying that reflecting on the past, probing your psyche and getting close to someone can help you to heal. And talking to a family member may help you to understand yourself better. The full moon could push you into the spotlight, bring a goal to fruition or cause drama with an authority figure. Trust your gut if you sense it’s time to shift your ambitions.



August 23–September 22

With the sun now in your cognition-and-communication sector, your mind and your daily life are picking up speed. You’re able to articulate your thoughts with enthusiasm, but you should also focus on listening, because curiosity will pay off. This week, the sun is harmonizing with Neptune in your relationship angle, helping you to connect with people one-on-one. This would be a good time to clear up any misunderstandings, share creative ideas and express compassion or a desire to be of service. You might also gain insight into a relationship that has confused you or a person with whom you’ve become disillusioned. The full moon may bring an adventure, learning experience or new people your way, encouraging you to get out of your routine and look at the world with fresh eyes.



September 23–October 22

The sun just moved into your worth zone for the coming month, prompting you to turn your attention to your finances, possessions, resources, values and self-esteem. This is the time of year to focus on what you need, what is important to you, what you have to work with and what you identify as being yours. A meeting between the sun and Neptune this week encourages you to prioritize your health, be of service to others and pursue fulfilling work that allows you to make the most of your natural talents. Being useful and helpful is likely to reinforce your confidence now. The full moon may indicate a development with sharing, trust, closeness or money, and you’re prompted to work on issues connected with interdependence. Releasing something will facilitate a positive change.

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