Playlist: Slay Your Sunday Morning Run

Revive your workout and start your week off right with a brand new playlist.

I love a good outdoor workout…the sun shining above, a trail stretching out before me. But more often than not a busy schedule keeps my weekday sweat sessions relegated to the gym. The treadmill and weights are fine, but nothing beats the visual appeal that comes with working out beyond the confines of the studio. When the weekend rolls around you can bet I’m soaking up every possible opportunity to get outside and get moving. And what makes a weekend run all the better is a great playlist. Something fun, powerful and raw, possessing the same qualities you might hope to channel throughout your workout. To me, the mix below is the perfect amalgamation of uptempo pop and throwback favorites (with a little gritty punk thrown in for when that giant hill comes into view)…plug your headphones in and get moving!

RunPlaylist small 2

+ What songs would you add to this list? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Great playlist! I love that you threw Ramones in there….I often turn to classic punk for sweat motivation. I would add “Abrasive” by Ratatat and “Little Monster” by Royal Blood

  2. Amazing Playlist :) I love it
    it might actually make me go outside and run ;) thats a huge thing to say =D especially for me ;D hahaha

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