Go Behind the Scenes with Martha Hunt & The Coveteur

Ever wished for a peek into the closet of Martha Hunt? Want to know how to take the perfect selfie? The Coveteur has you covered…

Martha Hunt. The name alone should be ringing more than a few bells. She’s been called the “OG FP babe,” and for good reason — her gorgeous face has adorned FreePeople.com since its launch back in ’04 and her star has only shone brighter since. In partnership with our friends over on The Coveteur, today Martha is sharing her top tips for taking the perfect selfie in the sweet video below (shoutout to her adorable pup), and giving a glimpse into her covetable wardrobe with a home tour. Watch the vid, then be sure to pop over to The Coveteur for the full feature.



+ Have a favorite Martha moment? Please share in the comments!

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5 years ago

Gorgeous shoot. I loved that denim jumpsuit :)

5 years ago

She’s so pretty! I love the jacket she wears!

5 years ago

She looks really lovely in that last shot.

5 years ago

Keith Richards stole his look from Brian Jones. Brian was the true style icon in the Stones!