Your Holiday Horoscope: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Every Zodiac Sign

Need a gift for your Gemini? A present for the Pisces in your life? Our resident astrology expert Tracy Allen forecasts the perfect gift ideas for every astrological sign in the custom forecast below…

With Thanksgiving’s feast behind us, we enter into an entirely different kind of holiday hustle. One that with a tendency to leave a ripple of stress in its wake during an otherwise joyous time of year. November 27th…Black Friday. Whether you’re braving the crowds today or hiding out at home under a blanket, there’s no doubt you have a few gifts to get and a few friends and family members who leave you stumped year after year (I’m looking at you, Dad). If your holiday shopping list has left you scratching your head, our resident astrology expert, Tracy Allen, is here to help.

Every Sunday Tracy shares her insight into what the universe has in store for us with her weekly horoscope column, something we’ve all come to rely heavily upon as we make our plans and navigate our lives, all while asking the perpetual question “how does she just know?” Well, she’s sharing her knowledge and insight yet again with an expertly curated list of gifting ideas for every astrological sign. From sparkling jewelry to cozy sweaters, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to handmade apothecary offerings, there’s a little something for every astro sign on your list — including your own!

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March 21–April 19

Aries rules the head, making a hat like the Snowbound Fairisle Beanie a solid pick. Action-oriented Rams will also appreciate anything that allows them to move freely, and with the Let’s Move Running Sock, the name really says it all. Footwear that doesn’t hold them back, like the Winter Fancy Weather Boot is a safe bet, and the Lyndsy Buttondown will appeal to this sign’s preference for no-frills pieces. But Aries also has a distinctly badass quality, making the Zane II Clutch — reminiscent of brass knuckles — or the Day For Night Platform Ankle Boot cool choices. And as the first fire sign, a fire-starting gift like the Ceramic Match Striker, LAB Lighter Case, FP Embossed Metal Matchbox or FP Sparklers is undeniably apropos!

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April 20–May 20

Taurus experiences life through all five senses, so treat your favorite Bull to an earthy scent like the Juniper Ridge Incense or some aromatherapy via Spirit Scents. It’s no surprise that this sign has a green thumb, and the Vintage 70s Macramé Planter has their name written all over it. You might also indulge their love of nature by bringing a bit of the outdoors inside with the FP One Glitter Tree or Table Top Tree. And since Taurus rules the throat, scarves, chokers and collars are no-brainers. Check out the Shredded Vintage Plaid Wool Scarf or the Lita Choker. Most of all, Taurus loves things that are pleasant to the touch. So think about giving her one of these textual treats: Little Dandelion Wool Blanket, Loopy Mango x Free People Wool Blanket or FP Chunky Wool Blanket.

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May 21–June 20

A dying cellphone battery is the bane of a chatty Twin’s existence. Save her from being cut off mid-sentence by selecting the Colorblock Charger Cord, Leather Charger Cord or Juice Pack Plus Charging. Gems also do tons of texting, making the Day To Day Pop-Top Mitten, Arctic Washed Pop Top Mittens and Flower Crochet Arm Warmer great choices, since they leave her fingers free. As the messenger sign, Gemini is associated with short trips, so a present like the Traveler Duffle Bag or the Wolf Hill Explorer Duffle will definitely be put to good use. And since she’s probably a voracious reader, why not buy her something to carry her tablet in style? The Velvet Dreams Crossbody or City Lights Crossbody both do the job nicely. Although it may not hold a full-size tablet, the versatility of the Parisian Quilted Crossbody (it doubles as a clutch) will thrill the chameleon-like Gemini!

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June 21–July 22

Nostalgic Crabs will cherish the Home Is Where The Heart Is Ring, and since Cancer is ruled by the moon, they’ll also gravitate toward lunar gifts such as the Moon Phase Calendar, Stained Glass Moon Ornament, FP Moon Phase Wall Art, Crescent Moon Bottle Opener and Moon Chime Ornament. This sign loves sharing the comforts of home, so the Organic Vegan Hot Cocoa Mix with Vanilla Bean, Organic Vegan Cookie Mix and Artisan S’mores Kit will all appeal to her inner domestic goddess. If she needs a reminder to nurture herself too, opt for the Marble Tea Mug or Soaking Bath Salts. And the wide selection of slippers and over the knee socks, like the Capsule Cable Over the Knee Sock, will surely satisfy this homebody’s fondness for nesting.

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July 23–August 22

Lions are quite proud of their manes, so you can hardly go wrong with the Hand Painted Wooden Brush, Balancing Conditioner, Shampoo Bar, or Hair Care Travel Set. This is a regal sign, and one glance at the throne-like Vintage 70s Peacock Chair tells you it’s fit for a queen. Leo also rules the heart, making the Vegan Chocolate Sacred Heart, and Heart Warmers Gift Bundle appropriate choices. Dramatic jewelry like the Starburst Statement Ear Jackets, Mavis Cocktail Ring and Moondust Statement Dangle Earring are bound to win her compliments — and no one loves attention more than a Leo! Plus, this teenager of the zodiac knows better than most how to laugh, play and enjoy life, so a gift like the Leather Ping Pong Paddle or the Champagne Cork Comet will make her smile.

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August 23–September 22

There’s some truth to this sign’s neat-freak reputation, making the Scout Soap Set, Rejuvenating Cleanser and Desert Denim Wash safe bets. Virgos are also known for being health-conscious, and she’ll fend off a winter cold beautifully with the Wonderland Wrap Scarf or Maggie Maye Chunky Scarf. This practical girl will welcome anything that serves a purpose — think Ultra Thin Powerbank Charger, or Ceramic Strainer Spoon. Or you can cater to her talent for organization by choosing the Quartz Crystal Jewelry Box or a Vintage Jewelry Box. And with her it’s-the-little-things-that-count philosophy, the Small Bell Cluster Ornament, Little Star Lace Ornament or Tiny 6 Pack Studs will charm Miss Virgo with their diminutive details. Worried that she’s too picky? The Free People Gift Card is a slam dunk!

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September 23–October 22

This sign swoons over anything that’s straight-up pretty, so she may faint when she sees the Tutu Skirt or Beaded Caravan Slip. And since Libra rules music, presents that combine beauty and tunes are a win-win. The Linea Vegan Headphones and Skinny Dip Ear Buds all fit the bill. The sign of the scales likes to weigh her options, and she’ll have plenty with the Mini Hoop Mix N Match Set. Given her famous indecisiveness, it could take her awhile to get out the door! Libra’s love of harmony makes her very image conscious — she’ll get a head-to-toe view with the Vintage Frameless Mirror and can do a quick lipstick check later with the Metallic Mirror Case. Ruled by Venus, Libras have a serious sweet tooth, making the Raw Sugar Stirrers, Sweet Eats Gift Bundle, Hot Chocolate Peppermint 3 Pack and Vegan Marshmallow perfect picks.

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October 23–November 21

Scorpios are notoriously deep and dark, so don’t shy away from the Vintage Ouija Game…she’ll be totally into it. And while the All Souls Mercantile Toiletry Bag might appeal to her love of the occult, the fact that it’s recycled is what will really please this death-and-rebirth sign. Also calling Scorp’s name: the Vintage Mini Minox A Camera. It’s absolutely perfect for the sign that rules espionage! The Make Your Point Underwire Bra and Thong are sultry choices for the sign that’s most closely connected with sexuality, though mysterious Scorps often prefer to leave more to the imagination, so you also might consider the shoulder-baring Need You Now Pullover. Don’t forget these intense creatures need a little something to keep them fueled and focused — the Cold Pressed Coffee 12 Pack, Todd’s Faves: World Tour and Coffee Survivor Kit are essentials.

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November 22–December 21

This wanderer loves exploring the world more than anything else, so she’s bound to use the Hair Tie Travel Pod, Huipil Travel Set and The Carry On Cocktail Kit. She’ll also appreciate anything that keeps her comfortable on all those long flights, such as the Baby Alpaca Throw or layering pieces like the We The Free Rosey Cuff and Caravan Pullover. Help her streamline the packing process with a Vera Leather Toiletry Bag and Distressed Travel Wallet, or if she prefers outdoorsy adventures to globetrotting, opt for the Backpacker Cologne or the Wolf Hill Adventure Backpack. Sagittarians are the athletes of the zodiac, making the Sport Armband, Lemon Ball Baseball and Handsome Dan Football appropriate gifts. And bearing in mind that Sag rules the thighs, you might select the Button Up Legging or Come As You Are Legging for her. Bonus: they’re also cozy in flight!

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December 22–January 19

Systems are everything to Capricorns, and that makes the Cord Taco 3 Pack and Cordito Cord Carrier great choices. The Onward Vegan Keyring and Comet Beaded Keyring are also safe bets, because Caps need to feel like they have everything pulled together. As the most ambitious sign, a Goat and her laptop are rarely parted. The Slouchy Vegan Tote would be an amazing accessory for carrying her baby around in style. To ensure she can work for hours on end, the Star Powerbank Charger is a must. Capricorn’s eye for sleek sophistication means architectural jewelry such as the Pyrite Mixed Shape Ring, Ruskin Signet Ring, Thick Bar Ring Set, Tiderays Dangle Earrings and Northern Lights Ladder Necklace are right up her alley. This sign heralds the beginning of winter — so fittingly enough, it rules ice. Help her chill with the Sphere Ice Mold Set, King Ice Cube Tray and Vintage Ice Bucket.

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January 20–February 18

FP Exclusive gifts are ideal for avant-garde Aquarians who covet things that no one else has. Opt for the offbeat Adorned Wireless Speaker, Coin Bandarwa or Vintage Houdini’s Game Magic Kit. The Chakra Bowls also suit Aquarians, who are often associated with anything New Agey. With the Cosmic Storm Liquid Glitter iPhone Case, Desert Leather iPhone Case or Abstract Rubber iPhone 5/6 Case, people-oriented Water Bearers can show off their quirks while staying connected to everyone. And Aquarius happens to rule technology, making the Elemoon Tech Bracelet another good pick. Since friends are everything to her, she’ll certainly appreciate the Crystal Friendship Ring Set. Another specialty of the 11th sign: wishes. The Wish Upon A Bottle Necklace lets her wish on a star day and night. The ankles, calves and shins fall under this sign’s domain as well, meaning the Chambers Wrap Legwarmer absolutely gets the nod.

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February 19–March 20

Spiritual Pisces will be happy to receive the Vintage Buddha Bust Sculpture or FP Prayer Candles as a holiday gift. And since this sign is connected with altered states, when they’re not meditating or fantasizing, you’re likely to find Fishes sleeping. The Under Covers 3 Piece Set is a thoughtful choice for comfy slumber, and the Tassel Dreamcatcher, Mini Wood Dreamcatcher or Ring Dreamcatcher will help chase nightmares away. The Magic Spell Kit and Selenite Crystal Logs can enhance her spiritual practice of choice, while the Vintage Rattan Hang Chair looks tailor-made for catnapping and daydreaming. Pisces have also been known to imbibe a bit in their quest for escape, making the Cocktail Muddler and Raw Crystal Wine Stopper suitable presents. And since Pisces rules the feet and appreciates a soft touch, the Whistler So Soft Boot Sock will no doubt be a hit.

+ What’s your sign? What are you planning to give and hoping to receive this season?

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  1. Gorgeous post, but I know the Libra post doesn’t name two pieces in the photo — one is a sweater by Mes demoiselles paris, which I found only after scanning the entire website. I wish you guys would make sure that you name all the pieces in your photos — why make it harder for me to buy something.

  2. Hi Julie, You really wrote a great post. Every zodiac sign have different choices. So your post will be helpful to know what the actual choices of my partner. Thanks so much for share this post.

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