Holiday Makeup Tutorial: Sequins!

The sequin makeup trend is popping up everywhere, from the runway to editorial shoots. Here’s how to achieve it at home. 

From the red carpet and runway to one of our latest editorial shoots, sequin makeup is making its mark as THE new beauty trend. This fun and glamorous look is for the bold, the daring…the ones who want to shine (literally) at the impending holiday parties just around the corner. Suffice it to say, sequined eye makeup is one of our favorite looks this season. We partnered with LA based makeup artist Jenna Kristina at a recent shoot, where she let us capture each step. Follow along and get the look!


Inexpensive brush from your local craft store (you don’t want to ruin your nice makeup brushes)
Sequins in multiple colors
Duo eyelash adhesive (great for sensitive skin and non-irritating)

*Your makeup should be completely done before you start applying the sequins.


Put a dollop of duo on a clean surface/palette. Use your brush to dip it into the duo and apply it under your eye in small spots where you want the sequin positioned. Start with small sections because the glue dries fast.


Once you have a small section of glue down, start sticking individual sequins to the glue. Using the tweezers to apply sequins helps you to adhere them flat. (You may also use your fingers.)


Apply additional glue if need be, in small sections.


Besides filling in the gaps with smaller sequins, it is important to “give in” to the placement and color choice. The beauty of this look is in the imperfections.

Once you cover a small section of glue with sequins, make another small section of glue and repeat until the desired under eye area has been covered.


Once you feel the eye is complete, move to the other side and repeat.



Add glitter eye shadow to lids for an amplified look.



And voila! Enjoy!

+What are some of your favorite holiday makeup looks? Please share in the comments.

Follow Jenna Kristina on Instagram and check out her absurdly beautiful work on her website! Modeled by Leila Goldkuhl.

Follow Joanna on Instagram.

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I really want to do this for my music video! Such a cool vibe.

-Lily Grae


love this idea,you can purchase sequins cheaply at most dollar trees and this looks so pretty..perfect for festivals, parties and cool photos.

In my opinion sequins are a bit too much, but I gladly wear golden makeup to holiday season!

This is lovely, but honestly I use sequins to mark my panties :D