Boxing Day Games

Boxing Day can encompass many post-Christmas activities — including these fun games!

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December 26th, better known as Boxing Day, is a national holiday here in the UK. For some, it’s a day to recover from the excitement and merriment of the previous day; eating leftovers, going for long walks and catching up on Christmas TV specials. For others, it’s another excuse for a party, getting together with friends and family and making the most of the extra day off. Growing up in a small English countryside village, I have had the privilege of being welcomed into an extended family ala local village folk. Each year on Boxing Day all of the local families gather for a day of even MORE food, even MORE wine, and A LOT of games! This tradition has been going strong for around 20 years, and there are now 3 generations within the growing group of 30. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, and it’s the games we play that make it so much fun and full of nostalgia. Now I couldn’t give away all of the village secrets, but I wanted to share 2 of the games we play without fail each year. If you’re anything like me, you love a bit of organized fun (especially the competitive kind!)…so go ahead and give these a try! Enjoy!

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The Chocolate Game

What you need:

A large bar of chocolate





Knife and fork

How to play:

Form a circle around the bar of chocolate. Place the knife and fork, hat, scarf and gloves next to it. Start rolling the dice, going around the circle one by one, until someone rolls a 6. When someone rolls a 6 he/she must eat the chocolate, one square at a time, but not before putting on the hat, scarf and gloves. AND, they can only eat the chocolate with the knife and fork one square at a time! As soon as someone else rolls a 6, it’s his/her time to get in on the chocolate-nibbling, so it’s a race against time for the participants to scramble into their winter gear and eat some chocolate before another 6 is rolled. It’s very fast-paced and fun! Tip: The chunkier the gloves, the harder it is — ski gloves are always fun!

The Memory Game

What you need:

A tray or breadboard

20 random items from around the house

A piece of paper and pen for each person playing

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How to play:

One person chooses to go round the house, collecting 20 small items to put on a tray. Now these can be anything: matches, candle, paperclip, spoon, stamp, rubber band, fruit, tea bag…anything! He/she covers the filled tray with a tea towel or scarf and places it in the middle of everyone. The cover is removed for 1 minute for the players to look at the items, confirm what those items are, and try their best to remember them all. The tray is then covered again. The players have 2 minutes to write down the names of as many items as possible. The player who remembers the most items, wins.

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A special shout out to my Stratford St. Mary village crew…long may this holiday tradition live on!

Photos by Laura Allard Fleischl 

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8 years ago

I loved playing the chocolate game when I was a kid :D Looks like it’s time to play it again. Thanks for the reminder. And it’s amazing that you don’t need anything special for the second game.