Make: Cute & Easy Holiday Gifts

Looking for some last minute gift inspiration? Check out our roundup of the best DIY holiday gifts to make this weekend…

Well folks, this is it. The final weekend before the final major holiday of the year. If you’re like me, I’d wager a guess that you’re not nearly as done with your holiday shopping as you wish you were…or the baking and gift-wrapping for that matter. This is always a whirlwind weekend for me: one part fun, with the flurry of activity and to-dos, and one part what the heck did I get myself into? I always end up wishing I’d started earlier, given myself some more time to make and do everything on my holiday checklist. In the last minute frenzy, why not have some fun while you finish up? Today we’re sharing some of our favorite DIYs from BLDG 25 that also happen to make great gifts. Whip them up this weekend and surprise your friends and fam with something handmade and from the heart this holiday season!

No tree yet? Whip one up this weekend with this DIY Alternative Christmas Tree. While you’re at it, make your home smell like the holidays with this Moroccan-inspired stove simmer.

DIY Roundup

+ What are you working on this weekend? Please share!

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8 years ago

Thanks for sharing this, that’s a wonderful list that’ll surely come in handy for me!

8 years ago

These are all awesome ideas! I really love the glittery crystal ornaments.

Megan b
8 years ago

I’m currently knitting a snake for a nephew, making a doll dress for a doll I made for a niece, and a few bath bombs and your bath soak for a few gift baskets I’m giving. Busy weekend.

8 years ago

This weekend I’m painting my cousin a black Christmas tree with a little skull on top. It’s oak and minimal… totally her style.