Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 7–13

How are the stars aligning for you this week? You’re about to find out…

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November 22–December 21

The sun in Sagittarius is vibing with liberating Uranus in your fulfillment zone this week, inspiring you to get creative, express your personality, love who you want to love and find your own path to happiness. A Mars-Uranus faceoff suggests that you may need some distance from friends or another group or a break from teamwork, so try to find a good balance between cooperation and personal pleasure. The new moon in your sign is clicking with both Mars and Uranus, which should help you to find your place with others and still enjoy doing your own thing at times. This lunation is your annual excuse for reinvention, and it’s likely to involve coaxing out a different side of yourself and pursuing new interests. This is a good time for initiating an image makeover or setting a revised goal. A Venus-Neptune encounter hints that spending a bit of quiet time alone or with someone you care about will feel soothing.



December 22–January 19

Mercury moves into Capricorn this week, quickening the pace of your thoughts and words and making December a great time to express your point of view and think about yourself with increased objectivity. With the sun still hanging out in the last house of your chart and meshing with Uranus in your foundation angle now, a part of you still needs time alone to unwind and get some distance from the outside world. The new moon nudges you to begin a new practice that replenishes your spirit; to seek peace of mind by letting go of something or someone; or to make a sacrifice for the good of others. A Mars-Uranus faceoff puts you in danger of acting out against authority or making an iffy career move. Try to keep impulsiveness in check and recognize how much your mood is affecting your behavior. Socializing and other interactions with groups are apt to be enjoyable, thanks to a fortuitous Venus-Neptune meeting.



January 20–February 18

The sun in your network house is gelling with your ruler Uranus this week, encouraging you to be yourself with people, keep an open mind and welcome any chance to meet someone new. Others can change your mind about something or introduce a new perspective in general. With Mars facing off against Uranus, though, you could get into an argument. It’s fine to fight for what you know is right, but make sure that’s what you’re really doing. Listen well, and pick your battles. Push the boundaries of your beliefs, and venture to learn something. A Venus-Neptune encounter hints that making a good impression in public or in your career is tied to a willingness to lose — so if you can resist focusing on what you stand to lose, you’re apt to gain something. The new moon coaxes you to make a new friend, develop a new interest or objective, join a group or launch a philanthropic effort.



February 19–March 20

This week’s sun-Uranus meeting spans your ambition and worth houses, connecting your drive to shine and your flexible use of resources. Whether those resources are your self-confidence, your finances, your talents, your values or your possessions, being creative about making the most of them at any given time will enhance your success. The ebb and flow of these things can make you anxious, and you need to continue to take different approaches, depending on what’s available to you. A Mars-Uranus opposition alludes to a possible conflict with someone close to you regarding money, sharing, trust or jealousy, and you may need to disengage. A Venus-Neptune rendezvous supports the enjoyment of travel, learning, new experiences and different people. You’re drawn to all that is unfamiliar now and can be changed by what — or whom — you invite into your life. The new moon pushes you to set a goal, start a job or shift the direction of your professional path.



March 21–April 19

With the sun in your expansion zone clicking with Uranus in Aries this week, your enthusiasm for exploring new places, ideas, beliefs, cultures and experiences is high. Broadening your horizons will feed your appetite for change and help you to continue removing the limitations on your identity. As you learn more about the wide world, the possibilities of who you can be in it will grow exponentially. The new moon inspires you to start breaking out of your routine more. Mars in your one-on-one angle is opposing Uranus, though, so you could run into trouble in a close relationship. You may balk at partnership now and need extra personal space in order to avoid conflict. Cooperation could feel like a curtailment of your freedom. Or someone might react strongly to the changes you’re going through or your need for independence. Thanks to a Venus-Neptune alliance, quiet time alone or with a good friend or significant other is likely to be cathartic.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet Venus in your one-on-one angle is harmonizing with Neptune in your network sector this week, facilitating pleasant interactions and possibly romance. There should be a nice flow in both your close relationships and your dealings with groups. Showing compassion and kindness is a great use of this transit. And although you should have an easy time getting along with people, coworkers are a notable exception. That’s because Mars in your productivity house is facing off against Uranus in your subliminal corner, upping the chances that unconscious compulsions, a person who doesn’t have your best interests at heart or sudden events or disclosures could disrupt your work or daily life. Try to understand what’s really going on beneath the surface, and seek peace and quiet before you overreact. Introspection and confiding in someone you trust can give you needed insight. The new moon coaxes you to share and to transform something within yourself.



May 21–June 20

Mercury sneaks into your depth sector this week, encouraging you to research, investigate, get in touch with a hidden part of yourself, have deep discussions and reflect on complex matters. Meanwhile, the sun in your one-on-one angle is syncing with Uranus in your network zone, helping you to be very much yourself with others. This is a good time for meeting new people and pursuing new interests. However, an opposition between Mars and Uranus indicates that the urge to do your own thing and go after what you want could lead you to rebel against a group — or perhaps against a particular friend. Whom you identify with is in flux, and that’s probably been both a source of anxiety and a source of excitement. The new moon hints at a new relationship or taking an existing one to a new level, while a Venus-Neptune encounter can facilitate pleasant relations with your coworkers and bosses.



June 21–July 22

A meeting between the sun in your productivity sector and Uranus in your ambition angle this week suggests that your hard work will pay off. Focus your energy on executing your duties and tackling your to-do list. Your efforts to be useful and efficient can help you make progress in your career or on your life path, and they can also make a difference in how you’re perceived. A Mars-Uranus faceoff implies that your underlying emotional state might provoke you to rebel against authority or responsibility, so be mindful of what’s going on inside you. Laying low is a smarter move than lashing out. With Venus and Neptune hooking up, romance, fun, creativity and enjoying life can all feel rather dreamy, and they’re apt to take you outside yourself. Meanwhile, the new moon nudges you to get organized, start a new exercise regimen or a healthy habit, look for a job, take on a new project or change your schedule.



July 23–August 22

This week’s sun-Uranus rendezvous bodes well for Leos, because it means that love, play, creativity and self-expression can all get you to see the world in a new light. Simply exuding your individuality and enjoying life can expand your consciousness. New ways of being you can lead to new ways of looking at life, and vice versa. An opposition between Mars and Uranus hints at conflict if you let a difference of opinion escalate. Identifying very strongly with your own thoughts will make matters worse, so try to keep an open mind. Consider listening and learning before you defend your position. The new moon in your fulfillment corner could spell new love, fresh creativity or a different route to happiness, and venturing way outside your comfort zone will up the odds, so don’t play it too safe. A Venus-Neptune meetup suggests quiet time at home or with family will feel great and may even help you to heal.



August 23–September 22

Mercury’s move into your fulfillment house this week emphasizes creative thinking, humor, self-expression, games and reading for pleasure. With the sun in your foundation angle harmonizing with Uranus in your depth zone now, you’re also encouraged to reflect on the past and tune into your emotions in order to move on from a loss or crisis or shift something within yourself. Quiet time at home with someone could also generate change in your relationship. A faceoff between Mars and Uranus may coincide with an interpersonal conflict, though — particularly one centered around finances, sharing, trust, possessiveness, sex or values. You could easily be set off by any threat to what you consider yours. But a Venus-Neptune alliance implies that looking on the bright side and expressing empathy and caring will smooth over rough spots. The new moon prompts an emotional shift, a change in your living situation or a move away from the past that pushes you to grow.



September 23–October 22

A sun-Uranus collaboration this week highlights your attitude and communication and encourages you to connect with new people — or to connect with people you already know in new ways. Expressing yourself and being a good listener can bring about change in a particular relationship or rebalance the dynamic between you and others. But an opposition between Mars in Libra and Uranus hints at a pursuer-distancer dynamic, where you’re chasing after what (or whom) you want while the other person is eluding you or withholding what you’re after. Don’t push too hard if people aren’t being exactly who you need them to be, because your behavior could exacerbate the situation. A Venus-Neptune meeting coaxes you to appreciate what you have and let go of the desire to have things just so. The new moon is vibing with Mars and Uranus, hinting that opening up lines of communication and adopting a different mindset can empower you and change your interactions.



October 23–November 21

This week, the sun and Uranus hold a conference in your worth and efficiency houses, reinforcing the fact that homing in on what’s most valuable to you is intertwined with changing your habits, work ethic and job responsibilities. Understanding your needs and priorities will help motivate you to turn a corner in your daily life. However, since Mars is lurking in your subliminal zone and facing off against Uranus, you need to guard against self-sabotaging behavior. Try to bring subconscious impulses into the light so it doesn’t blindside you and disrupt your life. Acknowledge any irritability, and try to work independently if possible. A Venus-Neptune alliance coaxes you to spend time alone or with someone you care about, and it also promotes selfless love and spiritual connection. Creative imaginings and meandering daydreams are apt to be especially pleasurable. The new moon encourages a new financial goal or source of income that’s tied to revolutionizing your work and your routine.

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