Mix This: The Best New Year’s Eve Drink To Ring In 2016

Ring in 2016 with this unique cocktail, crafted with our friends at Tamworth Distilling

There’s something about the final week of the year that feels extra exciting. Like we’re on the cusp of something…big. Whatever stress the holidays may have held has (hopefully) passed, and all we have to worry about now is just how, exactly, we plan to celebrate the culmination of the year that’s passed us by. Some of us look back with fond memories of all that happened, some are more than happy to kick the door closed behind them and forge ahead. Either way, three hundred and sixty-five fresh unfettered days lie before us, each one full of possibility, potential, adventure. If that’s not worth celebrating with a stiff drink great cocktail, I’m not sure what is.

I recently caught up with my friends over at Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire, where we crafted the cocktail you see below. A bit tart, ever so slightly sweet…the combination of lemon-infused Tamarind Cordial and Apiary Gin with classic champagne is unexpected and a welcome retreat from the more typical glass of sparkling wine or sugary sweet concoctions you see at most New Year’s Eve celebrations. With the final countdown to 2016 just a day away, now is the perfect time to add this unique New Year’s Eve cocktail to your menu. The recipe below is meant to be served in a punch bowl, but can be mixed on the spot right in the glass to preserve the bubbles. Grab a vintage glass bowl and antique champagne glasses to really make things special. Happy New Year!

Tamworth Cocktail December 7 small

Tamworth Cocktail December 6 small

Tamworth Cocktail December 4 Small

For the infusion:


5 parts Apiary Gin

1 part Tamarind Cordial

1 lemon, sliced

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl or jar (or beaker). Allow to infuse overnight or until ready to mix into cocktail recipe below.

Tamworth Cocktail December 9 small

Tamworth Cocktail December 5 small

Tamarind Fizz


Lemon-gin-tamarind infusion

1 bottle of champagne or sparkling wine

Punch bowl

Combine the lemon-infused spirits with the bottle of champagne in the punch bowl. Lemon slices may be left in the mixture for garnish. Garnish glasses with a slice of lemon rind before serving.

To mix right in the glass, combine 1 part infused spirits with 2 parts champagne, or to taste.

Tamworth Cocktail December 3 small

Tamworth Cocktail December 8 small

Tamworth Cocktail December 1 small

Visit Tamworth Distilling online or in person (it is recommended to call ahead) and be sure to follow on Instagram.

Ingredients in this post are available online here!

+ How are you ringing in 2016? Share with us in the comments!

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8 years ago

I really fell in love with gin based drinks this year, this recipe sounds really interesting! What’s Tamarind Cordial though?

8 years ago

Any tips on where to find Tamarind Cordial? And those darling coupe glasses? ;)

8 years ago

My favorite drink is gin also and Tamarind Cordial is so tasty for me. I brought ingredients at Tesco Store in Manchester. Making this drink was much easier than I expected.

6 years ago

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