Make: DIY Rosebud Salve Blush

Roses, meet Rosebud Salve. Reader, meet your new go-to beauty product.

I first became obsessed with Rosebud Salve all the way back in 2010. I picked it up somewhere — who knows where at this point — and it quickly gained a place at the top of my beauty roster. Admittedly, the strawberry version has always been my favorite, bringing to mind the Lip Smackers I loved so much as a kid, albeit a bit more grown up. But I’m not choosy…each little pot is pure gold, boasting uses way beyond the lips and lasting, seemingly, for years (case in point: those pots from 2010 are still going strong). A swipe across the lips to add some sheen, maybe a dab on your brow bone as a highlight and, in a pinch, a gorgeous way to accentuate eyelids and cheeks, especially when there’s no makeup in sight and you want to look a little more ‘done’ (I admit to doing this on camping trips and at the beach and have even used the stuff to tame my eyebrows). Until now, I’ve always used this versatile balm as-is (why mess with perfection, right?), but I recently got to thinking of ways to make it even better. And so, Rosebud Balm, meet actual rosebuds, or rather, dried rose petals. Crushed into a powder and blended with the balm, this creates the most gorgeous naturally pink stain. Swipe it across cheekbones to instantly liven up your winter complexion or across eyelids for a warm glow.



Rosebud Salve Blush


Dried rose petals

Rosebud Salve

Coffee grinder or mortar and pestle

Fine mesh sieve


Using a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle, grind the dried rose petals into a fine powder. Once the powder is as smooth as you can make it, place the sieve over a bowl and sift the rose powder into the bowl, discarding the leftover, larger pieces.


Using a spoon, remove the salve from its pot and mix with the rose petal powder. Scoop mixture back into the pot.

To use: Swipe with fingertip or makeup sponge across cheekbones and eyelids.



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7 years ago

That is such a wonderful idea! Can you recommend something else than Rosebud Salve for this? It’s rather difficult to get it here in Europe!

7 years ago

That’s really strange and awesome DIY! I love making my own mix as well, but I’ve never heard DIY of a blush! Great post!
Nazlıgül | on my own way

7 years ago

I’ve been wanting to make my own tinted lip gloss. I’m guessing it would add a nice natural tint to the lips, and I like the dark color for winter. I will have to try this!

7 years ago

Such a great idea! The rosebud balms really are beautiful i love this ideal of enhancing them.


7 years ago

but this is literally the same thing with dried up flower in it

7 years ago

Cool idea! But would be a lot more helpful if you had images of what this would actually look like on skin.

1 year ago

Link doesn’t work for the rosebud salve.

1 year ago
Reply to  Shelley

hi shelly, thank you for commenting! we’ve updated that link to direct you to our online beauty + wellness assortment; however, we no longer carry the rosebud salve featured in this post. XO