Through The Eyes Of Big Sur

Get to know one of our favorite places, but from a slightly different perspective. 

This post comes from our friend, Melissa Mathewson

I’ve always known I was unique but, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s easy to forget. The number of new friends I make on a daily basis can be overwhelming but will always act as a reminder, a reminder of the appreciation people take in a natural form of beauty. Every day I meet someone new and different.

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It was a warm September morning when I noticed two people whose love seemed so natural and real. The pair made their way along my winding roads, here to explore my coastal beauty and I could see the excitement in their eyes.

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The couple paved their own adventure, not following the crowds or paths. Watching them climb the hills and explore my beaches — I watched these moments leave the couple in a euphoric state of mind. I discovered the couple was traveling from San Francisco to San Diego with a few stops along the way. Not only did I hear it in their voices, I saw it in their movements…this stop was necessary to revive their souls.


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While I continue to become more and more popular, I have made a promise to myself to never let people change the way I am and the things that make me unique. I am a natural beauty who’s lucky to be virtually untouched by man — a thought that leaves me feeling completely at ease. I continue to feel thankful and inspired by all those I meet on a daily basis.

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I’m a place where the trees grow tall and the stars shine bright — I am thankful to be considered a natural beauty of the West Coast. I am lucky to be called Big Sur.


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  1. Beautiful photos! Big Sur is one of my favorite places on earth – I got married there last year. I’m sharing my photos as well on my blog!

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