Then and Now

 Get to know our new blog intern, Emily!

I felt like a kid again, my eyes and heart open. Going home to reconnect with the mountains, my family and friends, and a few weeks of relaxation. Just what I needed to start the New Year off right — holidays in Ouray, a tiny Colorado mountain town of 1,000 people and an elevation of 7,200 ft. Home in the familiar mountains that I hold very dear to my heart, and it could not have been better. Quaint and picturesque, the wilderness without limits was snow-covered and cold. It was everything I wished for to make the holidays come alive.


As the New Year settles in, I’m in Philadelphia to stay for a while! I’ve been at home office for 8 months now, previously interning in the Photo Studio and what a beautiful ride it has been so far.

As a lover of Free People, the BLDG 25 blog is a place where a lot of my spare minutes are spent, so this is a cool moment for me. I’m here with a stellar opportunity to learn from some gals that I really admire and I am TOO stoked to be the new Blog Intern!

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  1. I was admiring your photography at the beginning of the post, but it’s no wonder it’s beautiful; you’re a photographer.
    I also like your grammar. Please, keep that up. (I’m a grammar nerd.)
    Have a good season as blog intern! I look forward to reading your articles!

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