Sunshine Daydream: A Meadow-Inspired Playlist for Valentine’s Day

Add a sunny outlook to your V-Day plans with this Meadow-inspired playlist, sure to make your heart sing

Sunny sweet Meadow, the free spirit of our FP muses. She breezes through life, love written across her shoulders, tangled in her hair. She celebrates that day of love, February 14th, by doling out affection for those close to her heart, but also shares it all year ’round. Add some light to your Valentine’s Day with the playlist below. Then be sure to queue up those who came before her — Lou, Candy, and Ginger — for a day that suits all your moods.


Simply Deep V Shift, High Noon Crystal Choker, Cobra Felt Matador

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7 years ago

Is the top in the photos available on the website?

7 years ago

Fantastic playlist! Listening to it right now!

Your Own Queen