5 Workout Motivation Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Working out is hard. Staying motivated is even harder. 

There are days when heading to the gym seems like the most godawful, wretched idea in the world. We’ve all been there: the alarm goes off for 7am yoga but instead we roll over and bury our head in the pillow. Or a planned run after work is quickly dismissed when happy hour is on the table. I’ve actually driven all the way to the gym only to apathetically sit in my car to contemplate my workout, then decided to turn back around and go home. Staying motivated to workout is freakin’ hard.  Hitting fitness goals does not happen overnight and, with anything that takes time, staying inspired is a challenge. Below, we put together a quick list of five workout motivation tips to help you remain driven when you start to feel discouraged.


Set attainable goals. I always get myself into trouble when I come out firing with completely unrealistic goals. Suuuuure, I can lose 10 pounds in one week… yeah right. Unattainable goals set us up for failure. Rather, start with short-term goals and move into the longer term. Have a strong grasp on your goal, as well. “Being healthy” is a great objective, but it’s a little too vague to keep you motivated in the long run. Specify your goals, whether it’s holding chair pose for three more seconds or it’s competing in your first marathon. Detailed, attainable goals will help keep you focused.

Dress up. There’s a little known fact out there that says when we like what we’re wearing, we feel more confident. Ok, so maybe it’s not a ‘known fact,’ but you guys feel me on that, right? So when you’re headed to the gym, trail, or yoga studio, dress the part. Personally, when I’m wearing my favorite leggings, I feel like a million bucks… and I think I may even run faster?

Create new workout mixes. Have you ever had to exercise to silence? Oooof, it’s rough. Music is an integral part to any workout routine. This week, make a new mix and get excited as you hear your songs pop up as you sweat. For some inspiration, check out our most recent mix on Spotify.

Mix it up. Have fun. Change your routine. Go outside. Take a class. Keep it feelin’ fresh.

Give yourself a reward. Go ahead, you’ve earned it. Plus it’s been scientifically proven to help create healthy habits. In a recent article, Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business describes creating a neurological “habit loop,” which involves a cue to trigger the behavior (setting out your spinning shoes next to your bag), the routine (making it through spinning class) and then the reward. “An extrinsic reward is so powerful because your brain can latch onto it and make the link that the behavior is worthwhile,” he explains. “It increases the odds the routine becomes a habit.” So whether it’s a post-workout smoothie or the new Movement bra you’ve been eyeing, go ahead, treat yourself!


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+What are your tips to keep motivated? I’d love to know!


  1. Great tips. The first tip is something that I think is SO important and what I say all the time. Setting a goal of just “enjoy the workout” is wonderful motivation in itself.


  2. I love the feeling after a workout but sometimes it hard to find the motivation to do it. Especially in the morning so tips are always welcome.
    I also tend to get bored easily so I like to mix up and do different exercises

    Lots of hugs, A

  3. Hey..!!
    Really helpful tips buddy.
    I strongly agree with the point that “Set attainable goals.”. Now days people sometimes set such goals that are difficult to achieve and as a result they feel demotivated and depressed. This is something “SCARY”. You’ve highlighted really good points.
    Thumbs up buddy..!!!

  4. This blog motivates me more to continue my fitness journey. Currently at 140lbs and I’m looking forward to losing at least 25lbs. Started a month ago and I’m seeing a few pounds removed. Working hard is really hard and so I appreciate these tips being shared because they make the situation easier. Many thanks and more power.

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