Cherry Blossom Girl

There’s a lot we can learn from the cherry blossoms.

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily.

Blink once more and they’ll be gone. Cherry blossoms bloom in the early spring, last just a few days, and fall with the rain. Fleeting, beautiful…here but for a brief moment.


Exactly what makes them so precious.

The soft blooms and delicate fragrances dance around as we walk past.



I am reminded to be in the moment. Pause, slow down, appreciate and admire what nature does. I have been going outside more, taking more walks, eating outside, and I’m letting myself relish the simple pleasures as the days get longer.


Do those errands later and spend the day under the cherry trees. Have a picnic and breathe the air that’s been harder to find in winter. Reflect, take note of your life. Be grateful, invite change and acknowledge the uncertainty in your life…it’s beautiful. Take a stroll to see some blossoming trees in your neighborhood and cherish the moment, however fleeting and fragile.


I spent my Saturday afternoon at the park and I was reminded just how much nature can refresh the human spirit. I was the girl with her face buried in the blossoms and it was everything I needed.



This dress and this top go perfectly with the blooms! Shop the Spring Flowers trend, too! <3

+Have you had the chance to enjoy spring in full bloom?

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Beautiful pics! Love spring!


Cherry blossom mania has taken over Japan! Tokyo is covered in white blooms – so ethereal. Can’t wait to partake in my first hanami (cherry blossom viewing) picnic this weekend! xx

Kate |

Wonderful pictures. Really shows the beauty of spring time. When I see cherry blossom pictures, Japan always pops in my mind. I hope someday I will go there :)