Into The Groove: A Playlist for Those About to Rock

What albums define you? What was the first album you ever bought?

Rows upon rows of razor thin dust jackets, all lined up beneath a monster of a record player. The names of artists and groups barely visible on the well-worn spines, requiring small hands to wiggle each album out of its tightly sandwiched place in order to admire the scenes and faces gracing the covers. These records, remnants of my father’s stint as a college radio DJ, were my secret obsession as a child. Sitting cross-legged in front of the closet that held our collection, I loved admiring the album art, skimming quickly past the certain psychedelic terrors (hey, I was little), eyes alighting on the friendlier faces of Joni and Carly and Bruce Springsteen’s cute butt. My dad’s collection was my introduction, my musical gateway drug. In the seventh grade, I paid a dollar for the record that would mark the beginning of my own musical library: ABBA Gold. I liked their jumpsuits.

Well-documented and somewhat humiliating pre-teen disco obsessions aside, all bets were off from there. No thrift store was safe, no stone unturned in my quest for cheap musical inspiration and exciting album art. As my collection grew, so did my taste in music. Purchasing used albums proved to be fruitful in more ways then one: it’s easier to take a chance on music that may or may not be good when it only costs 50 cents. AC/DC and Van Halen now sit next to Johnny Cash and Simon & Garfunkel, The Ramones cozy up to Dolly Parton who winks cheekily at the Beastie Boys. Second only to photographs, my record collection maps my journey from pre-teen to adult, eras explored, lost loves, found loves… the double copies of London Calling and Lou Reed’s Transformer proof enough that I shacked up with the right person. When in need of inspiration or when certain parts of myself feel too far away, I need only the click of the turntable to wake my soul from its slumber. The growl of Lemmy or Angus reminding me there’s still a rebel in there somewhere.

With so many classic band tees populating Free People these days, I put together a playlist to match. Festival season is at our doorsteps, now is the perfect time to rediscover the music that makes you feel free. For those about to rock…


Nirvana Tee

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+ What was the first album you ever bought? Tell the truth…

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7 years ago

Tusk is such a banger!

Megan b
7 years ago

I’ve never purchased an actual album, but my first CD was *cough* Alanis Morisette. Lol I did rummage through my dads old records a few times as a teen, but never knew the gold to be had in such a treasure. Rush was his favorite. So there were many of those, among others such as Fleetwood Mac and AC/DC. I know there were many more, but it’s been a while since I’ve looked and I’m quite sure he no longer has them. My dad was in a band when I was little which was actually very exciting. They played covers as well as writing their own. They were quite good, and still are. But it has transitioned over into Christian Rock. Which is still pretty good, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

Suzy Williams
7 years ago

Hello Julie,

Stoked on your Into the Groove playlist –

The first album I ever purchased was by Townes Van Zandt “Rear View Mirror” (1997) It’s definitely a chill-out , visceral driving music, listen while doing art album … It gets my mind turning with

On the other hand, your ZZ-Top and The Clash music rendition has me feeling a Sitar Inspired Festival Playlist I wanted to share with you. :) With warmer temps approaching quickly I’m dusting off my long flowy skirts and lacey crop tops.

I like to call this “Spring Sitar”‘ or “Festivibes”

Real Life Permanent Dream – Tomorrow
Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones
When We Was Fab – George Harrison
Paper Sun – Traffic
Hurdy Gurdy Man – Donovan
Turn Down Day – The Cyrkle
Norwegian Wood – Beatles
Oh Deed I Do – Elyse Weinberg
One Grain of Sand – Wizz Jones
Holiday Inn – Elton John


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