Making Moves in Sydney

Check out our favorite go-to’s to get moving in Sydney!

This post comes to us from Natalie Shukur.

Growing up surrounded by beaches, parks, pools, hiking trails and the ocean, Sydney women have a propensity toward the great outdoors. Surfing, swimming, kayaking, lifesaving and soft sand running are all part of the P.E. curriculum here, and most Australian women I know could give you a run for your money in the fitness stakes. Naturally, anything athletic is part of the cultural zeitgeist, with yoga, dance, Pilates and all types of dynamic training becoming a national pastime, featured in the pages of Vogue and bookending weekend brunch dates. It’s no surprise that activewear for everyday has well and truly been embraced in Bondi and beyond.


This yoga and Pilates hub now has four central locations across Sydney, but it’s about as far away from being cookie-cutter as you can get, with a team of passionate, top-level teachers and a local, community-centered vibe at each of its urban oases. The yoga here is hot (with a state-of-the-art infrared heating system) and the Pilates classes are group reformer-style. Meditation and Yin practice is also available, plus aerial yoga at the Redfern studio.


KX Pilates
We can’t get enough of this dynamic take on Pilates that conditions the body as well as providing a pop of cardio. High on energy and instructor motivation (think Gaga, Beyoncé and Madonna on the playlist, and lots of counting down from 10), no two sessions are the same.


Another form of pumped-up Pilates, Physicore is a new way to sweat and get strong in one fell swoop. Conducted on “Megaformers” this 50-minute high intensity workout uses the Lagree fitness method, combining strength training, cardio and Pilates for a shape-shifting session you’ll feel the next day (in that weirdly satisfying way).


Xtend Barre
Xtend Barre is catching on like wildfire in Australia, due to its results-based, ballet-inspired workouts that are over and done in 55 minutes flat. Conducted mostly at the barre, this class incorporates weights, balls, bands, sticks, straps and mats to achieve a strong core and sculpted limbs, and helps to combat stress via a bit of good old fashioned shimmy-shaking. We love that most of the teachers here are from a professional dance background, inspiring us to express ourselves through pliés, tendus and battements, while getting in a challenging workout.

XtendBarre_print_090213-32 XtendBarre2

Bondi Icebergs Pool
This iconic, Instagram-famous Sydney swimming destination is a public ocean pool that spills over into the sea, and is perhaps one of the most glorious places in the world to do a few laps. More outdoor pools with a view include Andrew Boy Charlton, Macallum Pool, Bronte baths, and one of our favorite places for a quick dip: the female-only McIver’s Baths. A secluded spot established in 1922, it still costs only 20 cents to swim in the 33-metre ocean pool, nestled in a protective curve of Coogee’s coastline. A true Aussie phenomenon, concrete sea baths beat a chlorinated gym pool any day of the week.

bondi_icebergs1 bondi_icebergs2

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4 years ago

Body movements are really very important part of yoga. nice and interesting post. thank you for sharing with us.