Cut Out Carbs With Cauliflower Rice

A rice alternative that is easy to make, delicious and promotes good health!

Grocery store samples are one of my favorite things. Any opportunity to try a delicious bite-sized morsel of goodness to help satisfy my hunger as I walk down aisle after aisle of food, count me in. If you’re lucky, it might be sample day. Jackpot. I struck gold when I walked into Wegmans this past weekend, as everyone flocked to the available samples like a band of seagulls. I’ll go ahead and plead guilty. First thing in my direct path? Cauliflower rice.


Have you heard of it? Have you had it?  I might be a little late to the game here, but it’s so good! And so easy! Cauliflower is one the healthiest vegetables on the planet. And in raw form, it’s art. The little white undeveloped flowers spiral together, forming what looks like a winding staircase of clouds. This is the part of the vegetable that we eat — plain, right off the head, or cooked into our favorite dishes. Not only is cauliflower a great source of Vitamin C, it also contains sulforaphane, which promotes good heart health, has been linked to the prevention of cancer and helps digestion. This powerful little veggie contains numerous vitamins and antioxidants, making it a necessary staple to work into our diets.


I had never heard of cauliflower rice before I sampled it. In the pan, it looked exactly like rice. Essentially, it’s grated cauliflower, made easily by with cheese grater or food processor. You can also find it packaged in select grocery stores (you can definitely find it at Wegmans!)

This food hack is not only a great way to get more vegetables into your diet, but it’s also a great alternative to rice if you’re trying to cut back on carbs. You’re looking at about 25 calories per 100g, where white rice is about 140 calories per 100g.


The easiest way to cook it is in a pan with some coconut oil. Heat up the oil, drop in your cauliflower rice, and heat until soft and golden brown. I’d give it about 15 minutes over medium-high heat. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper to taste, or any seasoning of your choice.


And that’s it! Easy as pie, yeah? You can serve it plain as a side dish, or use it as you would rice in any dish! Add it to a stir-fry or casserole, or try cooking it with some black beans and spinach for a healthy and delicious taco filler!

+How do you eat cauliflower rice? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 years ago

Hi! Great recipe, cauliflower is amazing. However, I think you are promoting calorie restriction and restricted diets with some of the language in your article. Carbs fuel our body and we don’t need to worry about “cutting them out,” rice is healthy for you! Food is energy, a bowl of cauliflower rice is not enough calories for a meal, and shouldn’t replace a bowl of rice. Just my input, love your content! Best xx

7 years ago

Sounds great for my type 1 diabetes!

7 years ago

ehh, I usually love your content, but I think it’s a bit irresponsible to paint carbs in such a negative light. They are the fuel your body runs off of and extremely crucial to your health. This would be a great recipe in addition to whole grain starches, but not a replacement for them.

7 years ago

I love cauliflower and will definitely try this recipe. Tell me though, I was to add some meat, what kind of meat that should be?

Rosemary Lare
7 years ago

I think this is an excellent dish for those of us who are Diabetics and have to count our carbs for every meal. I have also ate cauliflower that was cooked and used in place of mashed potatoes. I definitely will try this recipe.

7 years ago

Don’t be such a hater re:carb limiting. Some of us must, as difficult as that may be to understand. SO, to find alternatives to the higher carbs, is nice. If you prefer rice, that is great. Wish I could eat a lot more rice but this is a great way to get more good veggies and carbs in as well as reduce the overall carbs. Thanks for the post. I didn’t see this as a main dish unless protein were added.

7 years ago

Love this idea. Very low in calories as well.

7 years ago

Vegetables (especially cauliflower) are carbs. They’re less carbohydrate-dense than rice, obviously, but labeling them as “carb-free” is pretty misleading and completely false.

7 years ago

I love raw cauliflower. I hate all the dishes in which it is cooked. Here, however, it looks very tasty. Maybe I’ll try.

6 years ago

There`s no many recipes with cauliflower in the cooking blogs. I will try to prepare this recipe. It looks good. :)