What to Wear: Festival Fashion

A few ideas to inspire your festival wardrobe this season

We all know what kicks off this weekend, and no, I don’t mean Record Store Day (though I’m truly looking forward to that too!). All eyes will be on a little known music festival taking over the Southern California desert city of Indio. Yep, you guessed it, the mother of all music festivals since Woodstock. (May I be so bold to say that?) Though I personally will not be going, I will, however, be following the fashion like my mom watches tennis. I love festival fashion for a few different reasons. It is interesting to see the way people translate their idea of aspirational festival-wear. I notice that some ladies take a page from Miss Joplin’s book and rock printed bells or a fringe suede vest, while others mimic the entire look as if they were Janis themselves. It’s a weekend to be as bohemian, rock ‘n roll, or simple as you want to be. There are honestly no rules, which makes festival fashion even more exciting.

Are festival trends the cool thing? Or is it the fashion outside of the trend the thing that’s “in”? Does one dictate the other? And which one is it then? If everyone is wearing maxis and converse, does that mean that’s the cool look? Or is the cool look the one that is not the maxi and converse? See what I mean? It’s interesting, and I love it. But truth be told, the style I love the most is worn by the girl in the clothes. Clothes are one thing. Happiness, confidence and inner beauty is a whole new level. And that’s what you should be “wearing” this weekend. (But if you are still looking for festival style ideas, allow us to share some with you below!)

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Bliss Made Denim Skirt, Philo Bodysuit, Oiled Red Leather Belt, Liberty Heel Boot

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Pile on those vintage accessories…

“Cute sunglasses!”

Sly smile.  

“…thanks. They’re vintage.”

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Embellished Band Jacket, Fleetwood Mac Tee, Big Love Exclusive Beaded Band Hat

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Boots, boots, boots. Keep ’em comfy and cool.

Get the look: King Ranch Ankle Boot, Day For Night Platform Ankle 

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Malik Patch Pocket Flare, BTW Bodysuit, Silk Triangle Bandana, Show Stopper Sunglass

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Easy and breezy – the perfect bohemian blouse.

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Second photo from top: Zella Day shot by Melodi Meadows for @freepeoplewholesale.

+What are you wearing this year to your favorite festivals?

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I love your thoughts on festival fashion! I’ve never thought of it as a trendy thing – I feel like the roots of festival dressing stay the same from year to year.

Love you idea of festival fashion and that it’s not the same old “trend” everyone wears. Good stuff!



Did you take this first picture at a festival? The full denim skirt with brown contrast, it’s a different look that not many of us can carry off. are those bell bottoms.? i haven’t seen a pair since mid 90’s ..what do you call that type of jean with that much fabric and volume at the leg.

JuicyT – You can shop our full selection of flares here: https://www.freepeople.com/flare-jeans/

I love your thoughts on festival fashion


Does anyone else have an issue with what is being considered “Festival Fashion?” I go to a lot of summer music festivals and let me tell you, it’s way too hot to wear pants, long sleeves,anything other than cotton and absolutely no black. So what should we really wear?


Talia, I feel you. I was out shopping a few weeks ago and bought a gorgeous floor length white dress with a crochette top and I got asked what festival I was going to wear it too. It seems everyone wants to be as hippie or as seventies as they can, if you wanna be different then the ‘editorial hippies’ who’s looks are straight off the rack of every store that sells the same ‘hippie/boho’ clothes then just try being yourself.


forgot to finish the first sentence, floor length white gowns to a dusty field where atleast five bros will probably spill a drink on me ? noooooooope.

Yeah festival fashion at an actual festival doesn’t work so well. Festival fashion at Sunday brunch works great :)

good information. Thanks for sharing.