Today’s Mantra: I Am Here To Grow

Today’s mantra comes to us from Mischa Varmuza, the FP Escapes instructor co-leading our retreat to Spain this fall!

I am here to grow.

The following mantra is inspired by teachings I received in a training module with teacher Sianna Sherman.

During our training, Swami Chetanananda said that we are in this world to grow, whatever the conflict or confusion; if we realise this, we can ask ourselves in every single experience, what is growing? As humans we are often stuck in a completely limited idea of ourselves, yet the mind has the potential to see love and opportunity for growth in every experience. If we can hold a real wish to grow in our heart, it will open up doorways to a richer and more peaceful life.

I have found this mantra an incredible support. For sleepless nights and more complex difficulties, it helps me surrender to the situation at hand and serves as a reminder that challenge can always be a platform for growth and a way to know ourselves more deeply. Connecting with these words can instantly unite my heart and mind, lift me out of a downward spiral and inspire strength and courage.

This mantra reminds us of the opportunity that each moment in life brings, in all its light and dark, and helps to root the innate desire ’to grow’ deep into our psyche and body, so that it can support us when we most need.



Get more of Mischa’s wisdom, and sign up for our fall retreat to Andalucia, Spain.

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Mandie Fae
7 years ago

Thank you for this! I love the mantra :)

7 years ago

So simple and beautiful. Thank you so much for this. Sometimes it is hard to get out of the funk when you are in a difficult situation. But realizing that you will only learn from the experience and “grow” makes it easier to deal with.


7 years ago

This really speaks to some challenges and transitions I’m dealing with right now at work. I’m going to try it right now!

7 years ago

love this, thank you for this post!

7 years ago

super nice inspiration – indeed calming & uplifting <3 thanks

7 years ago

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